A thorough guide to PR workflow modernization

A thorough guide to PR workflow modernization

How to dissect your workflow, understand where there's a need for improvement, and find solutions.

Recently, workflow improvement has been recognized as a key to success in this dynamic world. This is certainly the idea behind PRstack, a crowd-sourced directory of over 250 PR tools, along with two comprehensive PR tool guide books. I collaborated on the initiative by producing the website, publishing the books and writing a chapter.

PR teams have told us that with the wealth of information on offer, PRstack has enthused them to improve their workflow. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much evidence of improvement actually happening. So what’s the holdup? My guess is that while they have the solutions at their fingertips, many PR teams haven’t yet figured out exactly which problems they need to solve.

The essential guide

This is where The Essential Guide to PR Workflow Modernization comes in.

In this guide I identify elements from design thinking and agile software development that will help teams dissect their workflow, understand where they need improvement, and look for solutions.

This guide is a must read for anyone in the business of public relations business.

If you’re curious about workflow improvement and keen to get started, The Essential Guide to PR Workflow Modernization will give you all the detail you need to know.

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