Prezly for PR Teams

PR teams big and small do their best work with Prezly

Prezly is a tool built specifically for PR teams to help you connect your organisation’s best multimedia content with your most valuable media contacts.

Why PR teams choose Prezly

Get out of Excel hell

Excel is great for crunching numbers, but it’s terrible for managing contacts. Prezly centralises your contact database across your whole team, giving you complete oversight of each relationship – including all comms and coverage – in one straightforward timeline.

Get out of Excel hell
use Prezly to track story engagement
“Prezly makes public relations more tangible and effective. Its tools are vital to get measurable results.”

Improve your PR workflow, instantly

Do you feel that getting a simple release out to the world takes a gazillion steps? Your time is worth more than that. With Prezly, you publish once and distribute everywhere: your website, intranet, social media or via email to your most valuable stakeholders.

Improve your workflow
saved weekly on client mailouts
“Prezly has cut down on the time we spend creating press releases, increased the visual appeal of our releases, and allowed us to track engagement with key stakeholders.”
Evan D., Canada West

Easy to roll out, with ongoing support

Prezly’s cloud solution requires minimal work from your IT department. Our customer success team guides you throughout the onboarding to make sure you’re getting to most out of our software. And since our team is spread out across the world, you get fast support whatever your timezone. 

Customer support
median response time for support
“Most importantly, Prezly has one of the best customer services out there as they are quick and genuinely care.”
Josh S.
Korneel Warlop, AB InBev
“Using Prezly with different departments makes it easy to reuse each other’s messages while keeping them customised in function of the target group.”