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I think the biggest PR challenge is having our story be noticed by non-gaming media. That’s where Prezly really comes in for us.

Tom Weber
Tom WeberKolibri Games
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Contact management

Gamers and media, unite! Consolidate your media lists in one centralized database that tracks engagement and flags bad contacts.


Show, don’t tell

Publish press releases and stories in multiple languages with tons of multimedia embeds to showcase your newest release.


Newsroom builder

Nurture brand awareness with a fully multimedia, SEO-ready newsroom complete with digital press kits.


Campaigns & newsletters

Foster community and media relations by sending personalized 1–1 pitches and email campaigns to targeted contact segments.


New high score!

Get analytics and insights into how your contacts engage with stories and campaigns for effective follow-up.


Coverage log

Track and log media coverage to monitor your brand's presence and reputation in real-time.

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Games are nothing without an active community and targeted media coverage. You don’t want to sit around updating contact lists and weeding out bad emails when there are virtual worlds to build. Our CRM makes things easy and saves you time.

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