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Why devs big & small choose Prezly

This was a triumph

The next gen of PR software

Anonymous aggregate newswires are a thing of the past. Today’s PR relies on speaking to your contacts, not mass mailing strangers. It is built on telling quality, multimedia stories and actually engaging with your audience.

We built Prezly to help you do just that.


All your base

Reach global audiences

Build multimedia stories that will reach global influencers across markets with easy-to-set-up multilingual newsrooms, straightforward contact list segmentation, and pitch scheduling for multiple timezones.

“Now we can see the percentage of engagement each campaign has, and from that we can estimate what coverage we should expect the next day. ”
Nefeli Gkoni, Iceberg Interactive
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Is this… Chris’s blood??

For the fans

Let’s face it: your most dedicated fans aren’t going to wait for your news to hit the press; they’re going to hunt it down for themselves. So build them a newsroom that speaks to them.

Your latest news, events, image galleries, videos and more in a format that’s ready to share in one single, beautiful hub for each title. Bring it in.

For the fans

I don't look like a ghost, do I?

Bring your news to life!

Alright, graphics aren’t everything – but they’re the first thing people see when you launch your new title.

From game trailers to hi-res galleries, reviews to demos, gifs and more – our pitch editor can embed pretty much everything and deliver it to your contacts without crashing their mailbox. 

“I think the biggest PR challenge is having our story be noticed by non-gaming media ... That’s where Prezly really comes in for us.”
Tom Weber, Kolibri Games
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It’s dangerous to go alone…

The perfect tool for team co-op

Tired of trawling inboxes to find out who on which team said what? Well, no more. Prezly tracks all interactions with each of your contacts in a straightforward at-a-glance timeline, and lets you leave useful hints – like how the journalist takes their coffee – for the rest of your party.


Kick ass and chew bubblegum

Contact management made easy

The bigger your media list, the trickier it is to keep track of the details. That’s why as well as giving you total freedom to tag and segment your contacts, Prezly automatically sources details about each entry, including job title and social media profiles, and warns you if any email addresses fail. 

We'll even give each contact a star rating based on how they engage with your content :)

“We use Prezly to keep track of our most important contacts. The star ratings actually help us a lot to filter for potential opportunities.”
Isabell Cordes, gamigo group
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I'm… in the middle of some calibrations

Full GDPR compliance

Data protection is important, but the process of getting set up to meet regulations can seem like an endless bureaucratic nightmare. Well, no more! At Prezly, we’ve made sure that you have all the tools you need to be compliant with the GDPR.

GDPR gaming

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Whether you’re running PR in-house or as part of a big agency, we have all the tools you need to deliver the right story to each contact, every time.

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Create effective press releases and publish them in a fully on-brand multimedia newsroom complete with all the assets your audience could want.

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Create beautiful online newsrooms, publish your stories, embed multimedia and build your audience, all without relying on your tech team.

Discover more - Coverage

Save time on reporting. Prezly links each news piece with an author, outlet and story, so you can get performance data and report in just a few clicks.

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