Prezly for Gamedevs

Connect to fans around the world with stunning multimedia storytelling


Next gen PR software

Aggregate newswires are a thing of the past. Today’s PR relies on speaking to your contacts, not mass mailing strangers. It is built on telling quality, multimedia stories and actually engaging with your audience. That's where Prezly comes in.

A branded hub for each title

Your biggest fans aren’t going to wait for your news to hit the press; they’re going to hunt it down for themselves. So build a site that speaks to them.

Reach global audiences

Build multimedia stories that will reach global influencers across markets with easy-to-set-up multilingual newsrooms, straightforward contact list segmentation, and pitch scheduling for multiple timezones.


Bring your news to life!

  • Choose from professionally designed themes

  • Embed anything from demo videos to Twitter feeds

  • Publish in multilingual, fully branded sites


Purpose-built for team co-op

  • Collaborate on contacts, stories & campaigns

  • See a history of team interaction with each contact

  • Set user permissions for each party member


Manage contacts like a boss

  • Use tags & segments to build nuanced contact lists

  • Get automatic flags for duplicate and bad emails

  • See engagement stats per contact

Full GDPR compliance

Data protection is important, but the process of getting set up to meet regulations can seem like an endless bureaucratic nightmare. Well, no more! At Prezly, we’ve made sure that you have all the tools you need to be compliant with the GDPR.


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