The Best Gaming Press Release Examples

Wondering how to write a great video game press release? Wonder no longer. Here are some of the top-performing gaming press releases published with Prezly in the past 3 years.

The Best *Gaming* Press Release Examples

What is a gaming press release?

A subset of the entertainment press release, gaming press releases focus on just that: video games. But wait, there's more!

A key difference between gaming PR and most other industries is that much of the time, gaming PR speaks directly to consumers instead of relying on "The Man*" to get the word out (*media). That's down to gaming's inherently feral fanbase. What it means for you is that the tone of your press release needs to be public-ready. It needs color, pizzaz, a pun or two. A few dozen pictures. Demos. Memes. Content.

It also means you'll want to have multiple channels of direct communication open between you and your various audiences.

Email, whether that's email campaigns or newsletters, needs to be at the heart of that since it gives you the most direct means of reaching people 1–1 and en masse, which can be great for things like distributing Steam codes, so make sure your gaming newsroom supports email registration. You might also want to consider setting up a secondary channel of communication solely for your fans, e.g. on Discord.

Here are a few things your gaming press release should ideally include:

  • A direct headline that can also be playful (the GRIS launch trailer announcement is a great example of this)
  • Media front and center (images, trailers, etc)
  • Release date, pricing, and compatibility info by region
  • Language options for your key demographics
  • Info on review opportunities for bloggers and streamers
  • Any expos the title will be shown at
  • Studio boilerplate and related titles
  • Quotes and reviews
  • Social media links
  • Your contact details (you'll be astounded at how many PRs leave this out)

All of the above needs to link to your online newsroom, where your press release is hosted. You can build yours – and manage all your many contact lists – with a free trial of Prezly.

And now, on to the press release examples...

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