February 9, 2024

🆕 Introducing: Subscriber management

We've just launched a new page designed to help you manage your site subscribers. Here you can see everyone who subscribes to each of your Prezly sites, and choose whether you want to add them as contacts in your CRM. (There are also settings to automate this process – more on that below!)

You can access the subscribers page from your site dashboard, and use it to view, track, and organize your subscribers in a streamlined way.

🔹 Subscriber ≠ Contact: Easily differentiate between site subscribers (those who opted in through your site) and contacts (added manually to your CRM by you/your team), enhancing your ability to manage communication flows effectively.

🔹 Enhanced subscriber overview: Quickly find and sort your site subscribers by their status or the date they subscribed. Also gives you the ability to transform subscribers into contacts with a single click.

🔹 Subscription settings: Choose whether or not to show a subscription form on your site, or enable automatic contact creation if you want new site subscribers to automatically appear in your Contacts.

For new users, the automatic contact creation feature will be turned off by default. Existing users will find this feature enabled, ensuring all new subscribers are automatically added to your contact list, as this best reflects the behavior you are used to.

Note: This feature is a work in progress, and we'll be launching more functionality and enhancements around subscriber management in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates!

February 2, 2024

Show site headers and footers in campaigns and pitches

We’ve just rolled out a new site header and footer feature that you can use when attaching stories to your pitches and campaigns.

This allows you to add site branding to the stories you send out, and makes it easier for readers to navigate to your site for more info.

As part of this improvement, we’ve redesigned the control panel for formatting attached stories. By default we use your site logo, but you can also upload a custom logo just for emails within your branding settings.

While we were at it, we also tweaked the "Read more" link for stories attached as "introduction only", making it bigger and easier to click.

See our help article for more info on email headers and footers.

If you have any feedback about this or any other feature, do write us a message via the in-app support chat!

A header and footer added to an attached story.
A header and footer added to an attached story.



January 26, 2024

The new site dashboard

Each of your sites now has its own site dashboard, providing you with an overview of the stories, campaigns, and coverage that belongs to the site. It's also where you access all the settings for your site.

When you create a new site, settings on the site dashboard will be highlighted to guide you through the setup successfully.

If you're looking for the previous activity dashboard, you can access it by clicking the Activity & visitors card on the top right-hand side of your dashboard.


If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you! Write us a message via the support chat.


January 11, 2024

Switching embed display between the Embed and Web bookmark option

Being able to convert embeds between Embed, Web bookmark, and Link display when adding an embed to your stories and campaigns is now available for all Prezly users through the Embed settings menu.

See examples below.

Embed display:

Web bookmark display:

Website preview
Listen to this episode from Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities on Spotify. It only takes on person to make big waves in most industries. These two tales, though, are more curious than most.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Link display:


December 22, 2023

AI Auto-translation is available in beta

We've just rolled out our auto-translation feature, allowing you to automatically translate the text of a story in Prezly to 30 different languages with the click of a button.

It's fully build on top of our already existing translation management system, but instead of needing to paste in or manually translate the text, Prezly can do that for you.

This is a beta release that is available for all customers for a limited amount of time, after which it'll become a paid-for add-on.

If you'd like to test this, simply make sure you have more than one language available in one of your newsrooms, and when opening the translation side panel you'll be asked if you'd like to enable it.

More details on the feature in our help center or read the announcement in our newsroom.

December 21, 2023

Improved click report for campaigns

🚦Click reports are only available for Premium or Enterprise plans. If you wish to activate this, please go to your Plans page in your Subscription & Billing settings.

We've improved the Click report users see as part of their overall campaign reports. As of today, the Click report will provide more context about the type of link that recipients click on in your email, showing whether this was a simple link to your site or newsroom; an image, attachment, or video; or an link to an external site.

You can see this information in the Type column:

The type column explains what your recipients have clicked on.
The type column explains what your recipients have clicked on.
December 15, 2023
New release: Story versioning 📝

New release: Story versioning 📝

At Prezly, we believe that even the best writers can make mistakes, but we're here to ensure those slip-ups don't slow you down. We're happy to announce our new Story Versioning feature, designed to make your writing process smoother, more confident, and hassle-free.

Here's what you need to know:

Improved Undo and Redo Commands 🧹

Prezly now supports common undo and redo keybindings, just like any other text editor. No need to fret about accidental changes! With a simple [Cmd/Ctrl] + [Z] for undo and [Cmd/Ctrl] + [Y] for redo, you can swiftly revert or restore content, ensuring your story remains exactly as you want it and mistakes are easily resolved.

Explore the New Version History 🕰️

Ever wished you could turn back time on your story? Well, now you can!

Our new version history feature allows you to effortlessly save and restore versions of your story and revert to them when needed.

A single click opens a panel displaying a snapshot of your current story version and a list of all your saved versions, making it a breeze to revert to a previous version. Additionally, you can now create new stories from your past story versions.

Learn all about how version history works in this straightforward help article.

Access Up to a Year of Story Version History 🗓️

Depending on your subscription plan, you'll have various timeframes for accessing older versions. Starter users can roll back to previous versions within the past 24 hours, Core users enjoy a generous 7-day version history, and Premium/Agency plans allow for restoring story versions up to 90 days old. But that's not all—our valued Enterprise customers enjoy a full year of version history access.

With Prezly's Story Versioning, you have the tools to write confidently, knowing that mistakes can easily be corrected and your story is always within your control. Upgrade your writing experience and make the most of your creative journey with Prezly!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to contact our support team!

December 11, 2023

Story pinning is now available for stories on any theme

Previously, this feature was only available for sites using the Bea theme. If you switched to a site theme that didn't support pinning, the pinned story no longer showed as pinned.

Now, pinning a story can be done across all Prezly themes from within the story editor.

The "Pin story" button can be found on the top right side of the story editor
The "Pin story" button can be found on the top right side of the story editor

Learn more about story pinning here →

November 27, 2023

Recent fixes and improvements

  • Sign-up using @gmail domains and similar are now possible
  • "Create story" button is fixed for Safari/OSX
  • "Show full story" is now the default view when adding stories to campaigns
  • Fixed issue where the green "+" menu was not visible on story edit page load
  • Fixed issue where opening a story in the editor loads the bottom of story
  • New table of contents available for Prezly Academy articles
  • Improved time set-up in the publish story options
October 24, 2023

NEW: Quickstart checklist for new trial users

We recently added an interactive onboarding checklist that motivates trial users to get to know and see what they'll be able to do with Prezly during their 2-week free trial. With this easy-to-follow checklist, users can track their own progress and also refer to a quick tutorial video and access a press release template on the right side of the dashboard.

Every checklist item has a help link whenever trial users need more guidance.
Every checklist item has a help link whenever trial users need more guidance.


September 1, 2023

For beta or worse, the Embed feature is officially ready for use!

The Embed feature is out of beta and now available in the editor’s multimedia menu

Previously, with just the Embed option in beta, some of you may not have been aware of the variety of embeds from different services you can actually insert into your stories, like did you know you could embed a Google Maps location? Or whole Twitter feeds?

So we’ve separated out the embed types with service specific icons that you can easily search for, from social embeds to Calendly links, or even Google Maps and Eventbrite links.

See full list of available embeds

Or watch the video below to see the embeds in action

You can also choose the size of your embeds or turn your embed into a bookmark, where you can change the card layout and set whether or not the bookmark should open in a new or in the same tab. Flexibility!

Other recent fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug causing story bookmark embeds to display HTML code
  • Improved time and date selection for publish options in story editor


August 25, 2023

New video embed menu

We've added a video embed menu that enables you to choose the size of the video player when you add videos into your stories. Videos can be contained, expanded, or full-width spanning the story from left to right.

Other bugs and fixes:

  • Fixed strange jump behavior in subject line in the campaign composer
  • Fixed issue with the search function to keep refreshing when typing
  • Fixed bug causing contact import to fail and show no error message
  • Improved story editor error message
  • Improved category list display in site using the Lena theme
  • Fixed issue causing contact view numbers not to be updated
  • Added support for Catalan language
  • Fixed theme thumbnails display in the Themes settings page
August 17, 2023

Introducing: Buttons

We've been listening to your feedback and are excited to announce the much-anticipated arrival of the "Buttons" feature in our editor!

You can now seamlessly incorporate buttons into both your stories and emails. All it takes is selecting the "Button" option from the [+] dropdown in your editor, defining the button's label and adding the URL you want the button to link to.

To learn more on how to add buttons to your content, check out this help article


August 14, 2023

Improvement: Easier & better access to Prezly help

We believe that technology should make life easier, not just add noise, so we work hard to make Prezly intuitive, but we also see that a little bit of guidance and easy access to resources empower users to find answers and solve issues quickly. This is why we've recently worked on improving access to our help center and relevant help articles from within the app much simpler and more streamlined.

So what's changed?

We've combined access to help with our chat support, and it is accessible from any page in the app (via the purple button or by pressing the ? key) so you can easily find help articles that are relevant to the page you are working in, or speak with support wherever in the app you are.

You can also search for help articles through the app's search. This is reached either through the search icon in the sidebar, or via a new keyboard shortcut Cmd+K (for mac) or Ctrl+K (for windows and other platforms). This search has also been made larger so you can see more result returned.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Improved messaging for the moving stories to other sites function
  • New site setting video added to site creation success modal
  • Updated campaign report and contact importer pages with latest UI
  • Fixed by causing header image in stories to appear under the subtitle when added to campaigns


July 28, 2023

Updates to the 'Create site' panel

We recently made some changes on the panel for creating sites.

We removed the Theme selection block and now all sites created will use the Bea theme by default. The themes can always be changed in the site settings later.

And under the Take site live section, the option to make a site live or not live is also now clearer, so you know exactly what your site's status will be as soon as you click on Create site.


July 16, 2023

Recent improvements & fixes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug causing the story editor to crash when highlighting text
  • Fixed issue with country picker on the license activation page
  • Fixed issue with campaign report stats showing negative values
  • Fixed notification badge placement in the app on mobile view
  • Fixed bug causing social sharing links in confidential stories to break
  • Fixed the activate subscription CTA box on mobile view


  • Updated the secondary button on the Prezly vs. the market page
  • Improved speed from contact import progress page to import summary
  • The Integrations page and now support GTM- style tags


June 23, 2023

The "Made with Prezly" badge

The new "Made with Prezly" badge design can be seen at the bottom of your sites and stories, as well as in the footers of your email campaigns.

Apart from the design and adding the badge to footers of email campaigns, no additional changes have been made and users who have Prezly accounts on the Premium, Enterprise, and Agency plans are still able white-label their sites if they wish.

This can be done on the Prezly branding toggle under the Branding section of your Site settings.

Other improvements & updates

  • New label for previews of stories
  • Fixed bug where some contacts were not showing organizations
  • Fixed contact preview margins so tags are not overlapping
  • Fixed bug causing text format toolbar to disappear after highlighting text
June 12, 2023

Story headers, titles and subtitles are now one with the editor

Previously, the header image, title, and subtitle placeholders were separate fields from the rest of Prezly's story editor. Now, they are part of the content, which enables you to use additional formatting and positioning options for all three, like centering your title text, or even adjusting the size and alignment of your header image!

May 28, 2023

Introducing: Improved Campaign click reporting

🚦Click reports are only available for Premium or Enterprise plans. If you wish to activate this, please go to your Plans page in your Subscription & Billing settings.

Every sent email campaign automatically generates a campaign report that shows you the campaign's open, click, replied, undelivered, and more statistics.

The Clicked list displays contacts who clicked on at least one single link in the published story attached to the email. This could be an image link, a video, an attachment, or the "Read more" link.

However, we've recently added Click reports that show you more in-depth reporting on which links in your sent campaign had the most to least clicks.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed text in labels that were wrapping when surrounded by long components
  • Contact search filtering has been added to campaign reports
  • Warnings are now displayed when renaming a tag with an existing tag name
  • Updated contact status badges to match the app's latest UI
May 28, 2023

Improvement: Site contacts and email signatures

The Site contacts embed has been improved so that you can now choose the layout of your contact information, as well as use the embed as an email signature.

Site contacts were previously exclusive to only the story editor, but with this update, you are able to add your site contacts to campaigns, pitches, and last but not least, snippets.

And if you have site contacts set up across the different sites that you manage within your Prezly account, you'll be able to insert site contacts from any site into your stories, campaigns, or pitches. Say hello to universal contact sharing! 👋

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed 404 error occurring on Safari 14 browser
  • Improved new side navigation settings width
  • Fixed the date box clipping in scheduled campaign setup
  • Fixed bug with extra text being added to pitches
  • Confirmation of pitch sent now appears when sending pitch from Story editor


May 19, 2023

Prezly themes got an upgrade

Prezly's built-in site themes – Bea, Lena, Greta – have been upgraded to the latest versions of libraries they use: React 18 and Next 13. Here's what's different now:

  • Sharing images are now rendered at the same resolution (1200x630) for all sites, making them look much clearer on sharing cards
  • Transparent site logos in the upper left corner are now displayed on a background that matches the site’s header background color defined in the theme settings,
  • Sites without logos now display an image with fallback text, rendered in the same color and font used in the site's theme
The sharpest a site logo has ever looked 🗡
The sharpest a site logo has ever looked 🗡

The upgrade to Next 13 brings many great features that reduce the client bundle and unnecessary network requests. This is a game-changer, as it allows us to significantly improve all metrics and get rid of lots (and lots!) of code, and it makes all Prezly sites load even faster ⚡️


Other fixes and improvements

  • Campaign filters on a small screen are optimized and easier to use
  • Changing a story's language now auto-updates all available content (e.g. contacts, categories); previously, users had to hit save to apply the change
  • Lena theme now has a subtitle on the latest published story
  • Lena theme spacing between cards is smaller so there is less white space


April 28, 2023

Recent improvements & fixes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug causing a lag and frequent crashes in the story editor
  • Fixed issue with applying contact filter rules in the campaign composer
  • Fixed issue with the language picker always showing the last picked language


  • Optimized contact import performance so import time is significantly quicker
  • Updated the contact preview with a new interface and layout (learn more)
  • Web bookmarks now open in a new tab as a default
  • The messaging around permission for users to send pitches is now clearer


April 20, 2023

Introducing the revamped Contact preview

Every contact imported or created in Prezly automatically has a contact profile, consisting of their contact details, organization information, notes, activity logs, and more. Previously, the contact profile could either be previewed or expanded to a whole page. But the structure of the contact profile page was rather outdated, and the hierarchy of contact information was taking up more space, requiring more scrolling up and down the page than it should.

So, we decided to give the contact preview a makeover, giving you a contact's information in one compact and convenient space, categorizing the information under different tabs for quicker access – and without having to expand and open a new page for a full overview! 🙌

The preview header consists of a summary of contact information and tags for a quick overview
The preview header consists of a summary of contact information and tags for a quick overview

Other fixes & improvements

  • Improved padding for the main dashboard page
  • Fixed bug preventing site settings loading from Sites grid on smaller screens
  • Fixed weird scrolling behavior on site settings pages
  • Fixed bug causing the Coverage filter to not show contact with tracked coverage
  • Fixed issue causing weird jitters on navigation bar when scrolling down
  • Fixed broken search filter results on the Bea site theme
  • Fixed Safari specific bug that caused clicking on Site settings to open a Campaign report page
  • Moved the 'Site settings' button close to site name on Site activity dashboard
  • Fixed broken category list (with 10+ categories) on the Lena site theme
April 14, 2023

In beta: The Site activity dashboard

Many of you utilize the Prezly app for a number of different tasks on a day-to-day basis, and a lot of your work is usually centered around sites and stories, such as publishing stories and distributing stories through targeted email campaigns. And the success of a press release or latest newsletter article is, oftentimes, measured based on site and story analytics, coverage or campaign engagement.

Previously, these tasks and analytics were spread out in different areas of the app, so this is where the Site activity dashboard comes in handy, giving you an overview of a site’s performance, as well as a high-level view of all recent activity by you (and your team) related to the site, like recent drafts and scheduled stories, recently sent campaigns, and other latest changes made to the site. Learn more →

How do I get to my Site activity dashboard?
1. Go to Sites
2. Click on any site, live or not live

*Users with only 1 site will automatically see the dashboard

Note: This is still in beta and we're continuing to work on this dashboard to improve the way you track success overtime and make informed decisions on your content.

What would you like to see here? Please share any feedback and suggestions with us, for beta or for worse!

April 3, 2023
The new side navigation layout

The new side navigation layout

"To the left, to the left..." 👈 👈 🎶

A left sidebar navigation has long been a faster and more effective way for users to find exactly what they're looking for to get their storytelling work done. So, we've redesigned the app's entire main navigation to help users better navigate our tool through a vertical set of options that is quicker and easier to scan. It's simply a more structured and progressive interface that keeps things compact and frictionless ✨

For more info on what's different in the new navigation, read more here →

The new navigation is also collapsible, giving you the space you need to focus ✨

Other fixes & improvements

  • New pricing page and updated comparison table on prezly.com
  • Fixed issue with the language toggle in Privacy Settings → Email footer*
  • Improved modal closing in all conditions
  • Fixed "Discard changes" button
  • Upgraded the platform used for creating rich-text editors to the latest version
  • Fixed broken avatars in Campaign reports
  • Improved publish options menu in the Story editor
  • Fixed issue where the subscribe text was not picking up the right language*
  • Updated text on Stories empty state page
  • New: Confirmation message when sending pitch from Story editor


*Applies only to Prezly accounts on the Premium plan


March 27, 2023

Revamping billing: A new Plans page & a self-upgrade option

Improving the way our users handle their billing and plan details is something we've been working on behind the scenes here at Prezly, and we're excited to finally announce our latest release!

The latest updates offers you more control over billing settings, plus a better overview of you subscription & plan limits. Meet the brand new Plans page, the improved Billing page, and last, but definitely not least, the ability to self-upgrade directly in the Prezly app. For info on billing, plans, and upgrades, click here

How can I upgrade my plan?
1. Choose a plan
2. Confirm your billing information
3. Review the details of your upgrade and purchase your plan upgrade!

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug causing editor to scroll up when placeholder is added
  • Fixed bug where activity wasn't showing on a contact's profile page
  • Fixed bug where "Delivered" stats weren't showing on Campaign reports
  • Fixed issue with Gallery settings menu not closing properly
  • Improved Grid repositioning
  • Improved pre-loader for blocks in the editor
  • Fixed uneven amount of cards in themes
  • Fixed issue where always visible scrollbar causes unintended content shifting
  • Removed large empty space below story and before start of boilerpate
  • Improved site selection for stories


February 14, 2023

Contact tags and imports have been moved to Organization settings

Cleaning up the Contacts part of Prezly was something that has been at the back of our minds, as it was busy with many tabs and actions, so we decided to move the Contact tags and Contact imports pages to your Organization settings.

This keeps all things related to tag management, and import and (new) export history in one place, so you can focus on contact management while on the Contacts page.

💡Finding Contact tags, imports, and exports
• Click on your name and avatar
• In the Settings section, select Organization
• Scroll down to see your Contact tags, imports, and exports.
Manage tags separately from your contacts overview
Manage tags separately from your contacts overview
View a full history of your imports and exports
View a full history of your imports and exports
January 20, 2023

New: Integrations page in your Site settings

We recently released a new page in your Site settings to manage all your integrations. The Integrations page currently offers the option to connect your Prezly site to your Google Analytics or to Plausible Analytics that powers our built-in analytics dashboard for your site(s) and stories.

💡Getting to the 'Integrations' page
• Go to your Sites overview
• Hover over a site and click on the "•••" button
• Click on Site settings
• Scroll down to click on Integrations under the ADVANCED section

Other fixes and improvements

  • Renamed Hub rooms to Hub sites*
  • Added a new Hub sites page to manage sites included in hub under Site settings*
  • Added the ability to export coverage*
  • Added Move story button in the Story editor to move stories between sites
  • Improved Schedule a story option for publishing stories
  • Fixed issue with cut off titles on story cards
  • Email links now open in the Pitch editor instead of external email client (Gmail, etc)
  • Fixed bug where number of campaigns and pitches displayed discrepancy
  • Fixed internal server error with filters in Step 2 of the Campaigns composer
  • Fixed bug causing the changelog to show only 10 stories in the application
  • Fixed the spacing between story header image and text on mobile view
  • Fixed bug around contact export file misalignment
  • Updated text label of analytics link in story sidebar from View dashboard to View story performance


*Applies to Prezly accounts on the Premium plan.

December 16, 2022

New: SEO settings for your sites and stories

You can now change key SEO settings to ensure that major search engines can index your sites and stories, and also have more control over the text in your stories' meta title and meta description – all within the app!

Learn more about SEO settings for your sites and stories here →

December 15, 2022

New: Pin a story to your site

You can now pin a story to the top of your site so that it always shows as the first story that your audience will see when they visit your site, regardless of when it was published.

Think of this feature as a story sticky note! Once pinned, the publication date will not show on the site's homepage, and you can easily unpin a story and pin another one whenever you want.

Learn more about pinning a story to your site →


December 7, 2022

Introducing: Sites

Get an overview of the latest Prezly updates, improvements and bug fixes here. To see a quick history of our previous releases, check out our monthly roundups! ✨

We've renamed the Newsrooms feature. It is now called Sites in the Prezly app and help center.

Over the years, Prezly has been the right-hand man, the sidekick for many PR and comms teams. But somewhere down the line, we started to see clients using Prezly for creating content outside the PR/press releases bubble, like for blogs, online magazines, internal company updates, portfolios, and so on.

And so we thought that continuing to call it "newsrooms" would be fencing your creativity in, when you can do so much more than that!

This has been brewing in the Prezly lab for a while, but we're excited to let you know that this update is happening very soon and we hope it helps boost the way you create and share content with the rest of the world :)

Why Sites? Learn more →

Other fixes and improvements

  • Added breadcrumbs to the Story editor header that links back to the site's stories or settings page
  • Moved trial sign up inside the app
  • Added skeleton loading for the Story editor
  • Added more ways to get to sites settings from different parts of the app
  • Fixed issue with accessing site analytics, settings, and visit newsroom panel
  • Fixed story editor issue showing warning modal even when changes were saved
  • Created new success modal for when stories are scheduled
  • Added 'Share' story options in the story editor settings
  • Fixed bug with URLs in campaigns being changed once story is published
  • Embargo and Confidential story visibilities have been moved to Feature labs
  • Fixed error with selecting PRpro in story editor when trying to publish
November 17, 2022

Introducing the revamped Story Editor!

Get an overview of the latest Prezly updates, improvements and bug fixes here. To see a quick history of our previous releases, check out our monthly roundups! ✨

Over time, newer publishing options and settings have slowly been added to the editor interface, allowing you to do even more with your stories. However, as more controls were being created, it became clear to us that the story editor was running out of space, and we would ultimately reach a point where adding more controls located in different parts of the editor could become overwhelming instead of useful to all users.

The primary focus of our Story Editor has always been on content creation. So, we decided to simplify the interface, making it easier for you to set up your stories and save changes whenever you need to.

The newest version of the story editor offers users a cleaner workspace – bringing all the settings in one place and giving you easier access to publish options, visibility, sharing controls, and more.

Learn more →

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug for grid items with multiple values so they show properly
  • Fixed error when selecting "bi-annually" periodicity
  • Hide All Visibility and All Authors filters if only one value is available
  • Fixed bug preventing images from being cropped
  • Fixed issue where Image settings menu was covering the resize button
  • Fixed broken search function that wasn't showing results
  • Improved image caption editing
  • Fixed bug where duplicating campaigns fails with a 404 error
  • Fixed bug where stories did not load in campaign or pitch editor
  • Updated the icon for empty states on avatars to a newer design


November 17, 2022

Introducing: Email notifications

Under your Personal settings, there is now a page that enables you to control which information you would like to receive from Prezly by email, such as campaign sent confirmation, next-day campaign statistics, new newsroom subscriber alert, billing and invoice updates and more.

Learn more about Email notifications →

October 21, 2022

Introducing the new Media Galleries page

Get an overview of the latest Prezly updates, improvements and bug fixes here. To see a quick history of our previous releases, check out our monthly roundups! ✨

Setting up and managing Media galleries is now as quick and easy as adding a gallery embed to your stories.

Overall, this improvement increases the loading speed of the Media gallery pageand lays the groundwork for the feature to support more file formats in the future (i.e. not just images)!

Learn more →

Other fixes, improvements and updates

  • Fixed the display behavior when returning to Step 1 of the Campaign Composer
  • Fixed issue preventing attached PDFs in email campaigns from loading
  • Fixed error found in Embed option in the Story Editor
  • Fixed bug where Tags dropdown displays only reduced set of available tags
  • Fixed Email reports on Contact pages that were showing incorrect data
  • Fixed a bug for grid items with multiple values
  • Fixed a special case bug when downloading media galleries in bulk from newsrooms
October 14, 2022

Placeholders for content in stories and emails

Get an overview of the latest Prezly updates, improvements and bug fixes here. To see a quick history of our previous releases, check out our monthly roundups! ✨

We recently released placeholders for the different multimedia embeds you can add to your stories and emails! Placeholders help users create templates so their content stays consistent, and can be used as pointers for where specific types of content should be placed.

Learn more →

Other fixes, improvements and updates

  • Fixed bug with activity stream missing all activity details
  • Fixed issue with tags not being created or applied to contacts
  • Fixed issue with error showing from adding tags to segments
  • Removed duplicate preview links in the story editor
  • Fixed mistake on Uzbek version of the subscription section in themes
  • Improved quote blocks to appear in the same color in stories and campaigns
  • Added option to select from contacts' multiple email addresses in pitches
  • Improved contact embed dropdown in the editor
  • Fixed issue with published stories not being indexed for due to duplicate content
  • Fixed glitch appearing in the story editor when using Safari
October 4, 2022

Save frequently used content as Snippets and use them in stories and emails 🔖

Get an overview of the latest Prezly updates, improvements and bug fixes here. To see a quick history of our previous releases, check out our monthly roundups! ✨

When it comes to recurring content like signatures, disclaimers, product descriptions, profiles and more, there wasn't a way for Prezly's users to keep and reuse them.

This is where snippets step in. You can now create text and other frequently used content and store them as snippets, and add them anywhere and anytime in your stories, campaigns or pitches.

Learn more →

Other fixes, improvements and updates

  • New placeholders for multimedia embeds you can add to your stories and emails
  • Video files (MP4, WEBM, or OGG) can now be uploaded via the Video placeholder
  • Improved license aware routing so browser tabs are automatically updated when switching accounts
  • Improved order of live and not live newsrooms so live newsrooms show on top
  • Fixed search results month filter for stories filtering on the wrong month
  • Fixed bug with analytics not working for stories published using old editor
September 16, 2022

Ability to add new content in more areas of the app!

Get an overview of the latest Prezly updates, improvements and bug fixes here. To see a quick history of our previous releases, check out our monthly roundups! ✨

We've introduced new features that open up more possibilities for creating new content (and adding new contacts) from different parts of Prezly – saving you time from having to go back and forth between Contacts, Stories and Campaigns! ⚡️

  • Create new contacts when sending campaigns or pitches
  • Create overage directly from the campaign and pitch composers
  • Create new stories from campaigns or pitches
  • Create new newsroom/team contact information as Contact embeds

Learn more →

Other fixes and improvements

  • Improved empty states for the story picker in all editors
  • Improved empty states for tags, author, and organization dropdowns
  • Improved SEO, better indexing of original stories
  • Fixed contact card position on newsroom home pages using Bea and Greta themes
September 8, 2022

Manage multiple Prezly accounts & switch between them anytime 🔁

Whether you’re from a big-time marketing and PR agency, part of an enterprise, or working solo as a freelancer, one thing remains constant – you need a quick and easy way to manage your clients' accounts.

This is why we created account switching. 🔁

​​You can create and manage multiple Prezly accounts using your one email and password, and switch between them without having to do the run-of-the-mill work of logging out and back in again. Timesaver!

It's like switching between workspaces. It simplifies the way users manage several Prezly accounts by keeping all accounts in one easily accessible place.

Think: Instagram accounts, for example. When you're managing different brands or clients, doesn’t being able to switch between multiple accounts speed up sharing different content for different audiences? 

Learn more about account switching and managing multiple Prezly accounts


From freelancers to bigger teams – here's how account switching helps!

Account switching makes collaborating easier for Prezly users who collaborate often but work for different teams or companies, such as brands that frequently work together with agencies, freelancers working on a project-by-project basis, or corporations with regional offices.



International corporations tend to have multiple businesses or subsidiaries operating under their wing. For example, Sonova, a leading provider of hearing care solutions ​ acquired German audio company Sennheiser, which was announced on Sennheiser's newsroom created using Prezly.

When it comes to reaching their audience and communicating with their consumers, the Sonova team made the choice to keep the existing Sennheiser account, but wanted a way to just as easily start sharing stories and managing their comms under the Sonova brand. So, Sonova decided to also take on Prezly as their storytelling toolkit and in doing so, wanted to set up a completely separate account that had the same functionalities and privileges – all with the flexibility to also start structuring their own account without interfering with the Sennheiser account.

Both Sonova and Sennheiser have separate contacts, IT requirements and newsrooms, but as part of the acquisition, some members of the Sonova team required access to the Sennheiser account to edit stories and check on contacts within the Sennheiser account. In this case, account switching helps the Sonova team do just that. They can easily switch back and forth between the Sennheiser and Sonova accounts with just a few clicks when necessary.



When it comes to coordinating PR and comms with your clients, you can easily create Prezly accounts for different clients or brands, which gives you a more straightforward way of staying on top their contacts or audiences, content, and campaigns.

For example, a PR agency may have a well-known brand like Samsung as a client and are hired to publish their latest new and releases on their behalf, as well as report on how their stories are performing and make sure their contact lists are up to date. While most of the groundwork is managed by the agency, clients may want to check in on the comms and contact management their agencies are working on, and see what's new in their storytelling toolkit.

Having a separate account for different clients makes it easier for them to navigate the tool when they want to check on their contacts, newsrooms, reports and more. This also restricts them from being able to enter or accidentally make any changes to your other clients' accounts. Potential crisis averted!



Let's say you're a freelancer and you manage comms for a couple of cafes in your city and they already have their own Prezly accounts. As long as your clients already have Prezly accounts, they can quickly send you an invitation to their accounts and you can switch between working from one account and another. Timesaver!

On the other hand, it’s not always the case that every Prezly user will use all the features across the tool. This depends on their roles in their teams – it may just be that they are hired simply for temporary contract assignments, like translators, for example. 

Many global teams or companies with subsidiaries choose to use Prezly because the tool enables them to publish and translate stories into multiple languages, so it’s not uncommon that these teams have a translator working across two or more of their accounts, and being able to account switch can boost efficiency – saving them time on constantly logging in and out of accounts and making sure they don’t lose any progress on their work.


We'd love to know what you think :)

Have any ideas for how account switching could work for you? Go all out – we want to hear it all! Start a chat with our team or send an email to support@prezly.com.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug causing auto-saved first drafts to not appear on Stories page
  • Fixed broken story cards for newsrooms using the Lena theme
  • Fixed issue with Not live newsrooms still being accessible
  • Fixed disappearing cookie notice button on the Lena theme
  • Fixed error in data privacy link in email footer
  • Fixed bug causing story placeholder to appear above other parts of pitch editor
  • Fixed broken Copy link button in story published success modal
  • Fixed broken Help center link in the app
August 19, 2022

See newsroom traffic with your new analytics dashboard

❗️ Please note! This feature is still in testing, and as such is likely to change with time and feedback. Similarly, while the analytics dashboard is currently available to all clients, in future this may change to it only being part of select subscription plans.

You can now see how many people are visiting your newsroom and individual stories in your brand new analytics dashboard!

The dashboard is powered by web analytics good guys Plausible – a project centred around privacy and data protection. That means full GDPR compliance, no personal data collection, and no cookies 🍪


Neat! How do I get to my dashboard?

You can access your new analytics dashboard through the Stories area of your account by hovering over a newsroom's name, via the "traffic" column of your newsroom overview, or through your newsroom settings.

Since this is a brand new feature, you will be able to see how many people visited your newsroom from 20 August 2022 onwards; historical data from before this date has not been tracked.

Learn more about your analytics dashboard


Why Plausible Analytics?

Google has come under increasing criticism in recent years as more and more governments tightened up their data privacy regulations. As investigations continued, it became apparent that Google Analytics does not do enough to safeguard people's personal data.

As such, we felt that Google Analytics did not sit well with our own company ethics. So we decided to give Prezly users an integrated alternative that both provides meaningful at-a-glance data and puts privacy first.

We chose Plausible over other providers because of their team's strong ethics and their tool's accessibility. Simply put, you don't need to read a 30-page manual to get to grips with their data. (Plus, we use Plausible for our own site analytics, so we know it's good! :)

See how Plausible compares to Google Analytics


What if I already have Google Analytics enabled for my newsroom?

That's no problem at all – you'll simply be able to view both your usual Google Analytics and your new analytics dashboard, powered by Plausible.

It's worth mentioning that the data shown within the two tools may differ, as many sites block Google Analytics from tracking visits. Plausible's published research into this phenomenon shows that your actual traffic may be 6% to 26% higher than what Google Analytics shows.


Tell us what you think!

Have feedback? We'd love to hear it! Start a chat with our team or send an email to support@prezly.com.


Other fixes and improvements

  • Offline newsroom content is no longer accessible via the Theme Preview URL
  • Fixed "Download our template" button in the contact importer
  • Fixed bug causing story editor to highlight whole paragraphs when trying to link specific portion of text
  • Fixed issue showing the newsroom picker to appear when only one newsroom exists
  • Fixed issue blocking stories from being moved between newsrooms
  • Fixed bug causing pasted content to create an empty line above in story editor


August 19, 2022

Newsroom statuses + other fixes & improvements

Get an overview of the latest Prezly updates, improvements and bug fixes here. To see a quick history of our previous releases, check out our monthly roundups! ✨

Newsroom status: 'Live' and 'Not live'

The Not live status is useful if you are still preparing and setting up your newsroom before sharing it with your audience. Switching off Live mode also comes in handy if you wish to pause working on a newsroom for a longer period of time, but don't want to lose any of the settings or stories already added to it.

Site status: 'Live' and 'Non-live'
Site status: 'Live' and 'Non-live'

Setting up and adding content to your site before it goes public

Other fixes and improvements

  • Not live newsrooms are listed in the newsroom picker modal when creating stories
  • Updated the cookie banner for newsrooms using the Marcel theme
  • Added ability to un-publish stories from the Stories page
  • Fixed the contact embed in stories to display correctly
  • Fixed issue with boilerplate text showing in newsroom cookie message area
  • Fixed bug causing internal server error when saving/creating new newsroom(s)
  • Fixed bug causing embeds to not appear when previewed in emails
  • Fixed bug with the social icons in footer of newsrooms using the Lena theme
August 11, 2022

New Prezly dashboard + other fixes & improvements

Get an overview of the latest Prezly updates, improvements and bug fixes here. To see a quick history of our previous releases, check out our monthly roundups! ✨

New Prezly dashboard

Previously, when logging in to your Prezly account, the first page you land on is the Contacts feature page. Now, you will see a screen or dashboard page that makes it easier to navigate the different Prezly features and choose a feature you would like to start working on.

New popover panel for Stories grid Newsroom filter
New popover panel for Stories grid Newsroom filter

Newsroom facets to replace the old switcher

The Newsroom switcher is out and Newsroom facets are in! Getting to your Newsroom settings page or visiting your newsroom is now as simple as hovering over your newsroom name in the sidebar, or clicking the icons next to your newsroom page title.

Other fixes and improvements

  • New Newsroom picker modal to select which a newsroom when creating stories
  • New option to add demo content when creating a newsroom. Learn more →
  • Added language support for Catalan
  • Improved app UI for very large screens (>1400px) – increased sidebar width to 300px
  • Improved the collapsed sidebar by showing the “expand” button at the top left
  • Fixed outage causing newsrooms using newer themes to return 404 error
July 29, 2022

New layout for stories + other fixes & improvements

Get an overview of the latest Prezly updates, improvements and bug fixes here. To see a quick history of our previous releases, check out our monthly roundups! ✨

Updates to the layout of stories!

When stories are previewed or published, the header image is now displayed below the title, subtitle, and publish date (if this is switched on in your Themes settings). This update helps you make sure that stories' titles and subtitles are not hidden by header images, and saves your visitors time on having to scroll down to start reading!


The Table embed is now available for all users

By default, when a Table embed is added, there are 3 columns and 3 rows, and the first row has a grey background for the column name. Using the Table settings menu, you can always add or remove rows and columns as you work on adding content to the table.

You can also copy and paste tables from Google Sheets, Excel, tables from other webpages, and more.


Other fixes and improvements

  • Improved themes to load more optimized images, which increases page speed and search engines ranking
  • Made "Offline" newsroom status more obvious in newsroom settings
  • Fixed bug in Story Editor related to images/embeds
  • Fixed an issue where a newsroom would not be indexed by search engines
July 22, 2022

Testing phase: Adding Tables to Stories + other fixes & improvements

Get an overview of the latest Prezly updates, improvements and bug fixes here. To see a quick history of our previous releases, check out our monthly roundups! ✨

Coming soon: Add Tables as embeds or copy & paste them in the Story Editor

Starting from next week, we'll be testing this upcoming feature in our Story Editor with a small number of users, and soon after, we'll release it publicly to all Prezly users so stay tuned!


Other fixes and improvements

  • Improved empty pages for new accounts and new trial accounts
  • Updated and reordered list of embeds in dropdown
  • Ctrl + Enter ( Cmd + Enter on Mac) to insert a new block below current block in Story Editor
  • Published a new quick-start video: How to use Prezly
  • Published new Newsroom settings video: Set up your newsroom in 5 mins
  • Made "Offline" newsroom status more obvious in newsroom settings
  • Fixed an issue that prevented merging duplicate contacts
  • Fixed a bug and added support for Spanish (LatAm) in newer Prezly themes
July 16, 2022

A new design for the published story modal + other fixes and improvements

Get an overview of the latest Prezly updates, improvements and bug fixes here. To see a quick history of our previous releases, check out our monthly roundups!


New design for the published story modal

We've updated the UI of the 'Your story has been published' modal that appears as an overlay on the story editor as soon as a story is published. The new version of the modal has an X button, allowing users to close the modal, as well as an updated description that adds more emphasis on creating a campaign, while also giving users the option to create a pitch with the story.


Other fixes and improvements

  • Any changes made to stories by teammates can now be seen in real-time – the first step towards fully collaborative editing
  • Fixed story editor errors in spacing, repeating characters, and gallery embed
  • Fixed bug where the text formatting did not appear for list items (numbered or bulleted)
  • Fixed flash of giant icons appearing when a page loads or when there is a slow network connection in all themes
  • Fixed the issue of gallery embeds in the story editor showing differently in the preview
  • Fixed the sizing behavior of image captions in campaigns opened using the Outlook app
July 8, 2022

Reordering newsroom categories is available for newer themes + other fixes and improvements


Get an overview of the latest Prezly updates, improvements and bug fixes here. To see a quick history of our previous releases, check out our monthly roundups!


Reordering categories is available in new Prezly themes

Users who have the Newsroom categories feature activated in their accounts can easily drag and rearrange their categories in whichever order they wish, when using Prezly's newer themes (Bea, Greta, Marcel and Lena).

Learn more about newsroom categories


Other fixes and improvements

  • Stories now default to center alignment when attached to emails
  • Story style settings is now available for newsrooms using the Lena theme
  • Reimplemented Google Sign in (SSO) with improved error handling
  • Macedonia is now listed as North Macedonia in contact details
  • Detecting fraudulent charges automatically cancels subscription or initiates a refund
  • Updated UI for panel interaction to show dimmed background when overlays are open
  • Fixed language switching bug for Dutch (Netherlands) language in Bea and Lena themes
  • Fixed language switching bug in the story editor for private stories
  • Fixed page scrolling in published stories in newsrooms using custom themes
  • Fixed the issue of sender addresses not loading correctly for free trial accounts
  • Fixed the behavior of archived newsrooms so they are visible online
June 28, 2022

Introducing: The Lena theme

We’ve just released another new theme!

Meet Lena, the latest of our new generation of newsroom themes, featuring a responsive design that gives image-centric newsrooms with multiple categories that extra oomph.


Why is the Lena theme a game changer?

  • Brand new layout, perfect for blogs, newsletters and more
  • Easier access to categories that are always visible on the navigation bar
    In your Categories settings, drag and rearrange your categories in the order you wish for them to be displayed in your newsroom! Learn more →
  • More emphasis on categories and dates on story cards
  • Subtle highlight on story cards upon mouseover


Want to preview the Lena theme and activate it for your newsroom?

Go to Newsroom settings


Click on Themes under the DESIGN section of your Newsroom settings page and you'll find the Lena theme, ready to be activated or previewed!


Questions? Start a chat with our Support team or send an email to support@prezly.com.

June 24, 2022

New: Reordering newsroom categories

The newsroom categories feature has helped many of our users keep their stories organized, so that anyone visiting their newsrooms can find exactly what they're looking for easily and without frustration.

Previously, they were displayed in alphabetical order 🔡

Now, users who have this feature activated in their accounts can easily drag and rearrange their categories in whichever order they wish! 🔃


The reordering newsroom categories features is only available for newsrooms using the Bea, Greta, Marcel or Lena themes. Newsrooms on legacy themes will not be able to reorder their categories.


Learn more about how to add categories to your newsroom →


May 31, 2022

Newsroom creation panel – redesigned

We’ve given our Newsroom creation panel a makeover, where you can now select a theme to build on, and soon, we'll be releasing an option to add demo content in your newsrooms so you can see what your newsrooms could look like when it is populated with content.

With the new panel, once you create a newsroom, you’re automatically brought into your Newsroom settings page, making it easier for you to create a newsroom and get it all set up quickly. 

May 23, 2022

Image alignment, sizing options and other improvements

Image alignment

Image alignment is now available in your Story Editor! The new Image settings comes with new alignment options, as well as sizing controls and the ability to customize the link on your images.

The Image settings in the Campaign composer has similar image options with Small, Best Fit and Original sizing. This comes in handy when you want to add an email image banner above the email body.


More improvements

  • Stories in draft mode are now also auto-saved
  • Old accounts can now re-register for a trial on prezly.com
  • Text formatting for Quotes in the Story Editor and Campaign Composer
  • New /welcome page for new accounts
  • Linked /welcome page in header for Trial accounts
  • New design for Account Creation and Terms & Conditions pages
May 19, 2022

Introducing: Prezly's first ever dark theme

Meet Marcel, the latest of our new generation of themes!

As our first ever dark theme, Marcel features a dark background that is better for low-light settings and is easy on the eyes 👀


Why is the Marcel theme a game changer?

  • Better layout for content with more text than images
  • More emphasis on dates and categories
  • Subscription form & About section are easy to find
  • Auto-loading of stories with infinite-scroll


Want to give the dark theme a try? Go to your Themes settings and hit "Activate" 😎


May 16, 2022

New Story Editor embed: Story bookmarks

This embed enables you to select stories from a dropdown list of all your published stories (as well as stories across all of your newsrooms, if you have more than one) and then add them as embeds in your stories.

Here's a preview of how it works:

Stories inside stories! Story-ception!


Want to add this to your embed stack? Let us know through our chat and we can switch it on for you :)

April 27, 2022

New: Subscription form toggle

We have another new update in your Privacy settings! You now have the option to add or remove the subscription form from your newsrooms. This form allows visitors to subscribe to communications from a newsroom and is toggled on by default.


April 26, 2022

New: Custom Data Request link

In your newsrooms’ Privacy settings, there is now a field for a custom Data Request link.

Every newsroom’s footer has a “Privacy request” link where you can request for the newsroom owner to delete or edit your personal data, or share with you how your data is being used.

Example of a custom Data Request page
Example of a custom Data Request page


March 31, 2022

Grid and Classic themes switched to the Bea theme

Here's what you can expect from the switch

  • Better visual layout, alignment, and typography
  • Better accessibility and readability, improving search engine rankings
  • Upgraded mobile experience
  • Faster search (especially useful for newsrooms with a lot of content)
  • Easier customization

For more information about the Bea theme and the backstory: Building the best newsroom themes in the world ✏️



March 28, 2022

Bug fixes around stories and campaigns

  • Fixed issue in story previews regarding images not being displayed
  • Fixed glitch in the campaign composer, where users were asked to add contacts that they had already added to campaign
  • Fixed issue that was causing deleted stories to still show in newsrooms
March 28, 2022

New localizations: Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (LatAm)

We've added more localizations!

In the Languages section of your Newsroom settings, you can now add the Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Latin America) localizations to your newsroom languages.

March 23, 2022

New: Add your custom privacy policy link

You can now add your own custom privacy policy link to your newsrooms subscribe form!

By default, it automatically links to a standard privacy policy page, but with the custom privacy policy link field in your newsroom settings you can really make it your own.

Find this option in Newsroom settingsPrivacy settings

Updated April 2022

March 10, 2022

Preview link for the Bea theme

You can now see your newsroom on the Bea theme before deciding to activate!

Go to your Themes setting page and click on the purple Preview link to see your newsroom and stories on Bea.

If you're looking to make the switch to the Bea theme, but don't want to lose any of the settings in your current theme, you can preview your newsroom using Bea without saving or applying the changes first. Thanks to this feature, you can fine tune your newsroom's look and only publish those changes when you're absolutely ready.

March 4, 2022

New menu for Attachment embeds

When adding attachments to your stories, you can now rename the attached file right in Story Editor!

This is especially helpful if your file names have a lot of numbers in them or simply if you wish to remove the format at the end of your file name (.pdf, .docx, etc).






March 4, 2022

Set your links to open in a new tab

We've just released a new Link settings menu giving you the option to set links in your stories to open in a new tab when they are clicked.

March 4, 2022

Auto-save for the Story Editor

You know that moment of panic when you accidentally close your browser and realize you didn't hit “save” on your story? This is where auto-save jumps in and saves the day, and even that wonky internet connection won’t make you lose any of your work. :)

March 4, 2022

New menu for the Gallery embed

The new Gallery embed menu makes it easier to select the image size and alignment for your images. You can now also edit the gallery by adding and removing images without having to remove the gallery and re-upload the images.

February 18, 2022

New menu for the Web Bookmark layout

The Web Bookmark that recently replaced the “Add link” embed now has a menu that will help you control the embed or block layout (vertical or horizontal), and you can also choose whether you want the link to open in new or in the same tab.

February 8, 2022

New design for the [+] button

When adding in-line multimedia, you can choose from a selection of embeds, such as images, videos, social posts, attachments, and more – all with a simple click of the green "+" button.

We recently improved a couple of the embeds that will help make your links and videos look and function better, and in doing so, we've also decided to give the list of embeds or blocks a makeover, so that it's now easier for Prezly users to quickly select the type of embed they wish to add.


The list of embeds is now divided into 3 sections:

  • Basics
    Text formatting options
  • Media content
    Files, images, or link blocks
  • Prezly content
    Team contact information
February 4, 2022

We've added a new theme for your newsrooms – try it out!

All the content you create in Prezly deserves the best presentation. ✨

This is why we've been working on creating more newsroom theme options for you to get your newsrooms looking up-to-date and easily navigable – all while staying true to your brand guidelines.

So, in addition to the three standard themes we currently offer, from today onwards, you will also have access to the newest theme called Bea, which was designed to make it easy for Prezly users to create elegant, simple, and readable newsrooms.

This is just the first of more newsroom themes to come. We plan to create and release more themes in the near future, and envision all upcoming newsroom themes in the next year to be easily customized and modified using our open-source code – going beyond the standard Branding and Themes settings – starting with the release of Bea, Prezly's new default newsroom theme. 

Bea theme demo page
Bea theme demo page


Visit this demo page to see Bea in action or go into your Newsroom settings and open the 'Themes' section to choose Bea as your newsroom theme.


Bea is available under 'Themes' in your Newsroom settings
Bea is available under 'Themes' in your Newsroom settings


January 31, 2022

New and improved embeds

While we've supported adding website links and videos to your stories for quite some time now, we decided it was time to improve these embeds to make your stories look even greater.

Updated list of embeds
Updated list of embeds

Add web bookmark

This embed or block was created to replace the previous 'Add link' option. With the new web bookmark, your link preview has a much cleaner and less bulky appearance, and it also renders better in email campaigns.

See below for an example ↓

Website preview
How sea otters can fight climate change
Recovering populations of sea otters don't just transform their ecosystems, they can turn them into a powerful carbon sink.


Add video

We've worked on improvements on this embed and it now has better UI rendering (interface over the video). When sent in an email campaign or a pitch, the video also looks sharper as the image preview is now replaced with real html instead.

January 18, 2022

Left, center, or right – text alignment is now possible!

In the last year, we had a number of Prezly users tell us that being able to align text in stories would really improve the way their stories look. Previously, we only supported left alignment, but now you can quickly choose to align your text to the left or right, or have it centered.

We released the feature to everyone! You can select any part of your text while editing a story. When highlighting a part of your text, the buttons for three different alignment types will also appear in text format toolbar.


We hope this helps you tell even better stories :)

January 17, 2022

Auto-detecting formatting is now possible

Auto-detecting formatting based on input characters is now available and ready for use in Prezly's Story Editor and Campaign Composer!


  • Start a sentence with # to create Heading 1
  • Start a sentence with ## to create Heading 2
  • Type > to start a quote
  • Type --- to insert an in-line divider
  • Type - or *or to start a bullet-point list
  • Type 1. to start an ordered list
  • Keyboard-only text formatting by wrapping words with:
    • * italic
    • ** bold
    • _ ​ underline
  • Special characters appear when you input 
    • (c)
    • (r)
    • (tm)
    • =​> (= + >)
    • ⇐ (< + =)
    • -​> (- + >) 
    • <​- (< + -)
    • — (- + -)


December 22, 2021

End of year improvements and announcements🧑‍🎄

It's that time of year when we look back and plan for what comes in 2022. Here's a bit about what we decided to fix before the end of this year:

  • Better overview of your campaign sending status
    When your campaign needs to be sent to many (and I mean really many, like 500k) contacts, we improved the process from the point you send the campaign to the full report creation. You can see 'Delivering' status and know when to expect the full report to be ready.
  • Email presentation in Outlook
    Because every email application is special, we need to make sure that your emails look equally special in every single one of them. There were some issues with the content alinement when viewing in some versions of Outlook - we fix that! Your content looks good in all email clients 💎
  • Add embed and add link/bookmark
    For users that have these features, we improved the code behind them. We're planning to expand both features in a near future - for example, have more options for embedded story cards. Now we're ready to add more power to them soon!
  • Unsubscribe from a licence
    Currently users can unsubscribe from one newsroom at the time. We now support the option to unsubscribe from all communication from that licence. You can also check our new Privacy portal and if it's available for your newsroom - enable it!
  • Selecting a time to publish or send in Firefox
    This was a browser specific problem that we fixed when users told us about it. ​ ​

And a bit about things that are coming soon in 2022 🎁

  • Introducing a new type of stories - 'Confidential' 🔍
    When you need to work on a story that is dealing with a sensitive information, you might need to hide it even from your colleagues. With a new type of a Prezly story called 'Confidential' you'll be able to write your content directly in Prezly with full confidence it'll stay private to you only until you decide to share it with the world.
  • New default Prezly theme
    It's modern, pretty, and it makes your content look great! The new theme is coming real soon, it'll have all the features you need - cool stories, categories, search, and more! Here's a sneak peek:


December 14, 2021

Security vulnerability in a widely used Java library

A security vulnerability published last Friday is occurring in a Java library used by almost all companies worldwide. As such, many companies are currently taking measures to try to patch this vulnerability as quickly as possible.

However, all Prezly customers should not be concerned and are not facing any security threats. The Prezly application as well as newsrooms are not considered vulnerable, as we do not use this library in any of our publicly available services.

Learn more about this vulnerability here.

November 30, 2021

Better analytics and more speed 🚀

Driven by customer requests, we recently worked on a few areas in Prezly that will make your experience with our tool even better.


Google Analytics 4 📈

Prezly offers an integration with Google Analytics in order for you to get better insight on your audience and traffic, and measure the success of your comms. We've offered the option of adding Universal Analytics to newsrooms for quite some time, but now we have expanded the integration so that you can get the next generation Google Analytics 4, too (check our Google Analytics setup tips and read more about GA4 from Google Support).

You can use your "UA-" ID ​ or "G-" ID for tracking of your newsroom:

Google Analytics integration in Prezly
Google Analytics integration in Prezly


Fast processing of big contacts list ⚡️

Prezly's performance is something that we are constantly work to improve, as we want to guarantee reliable and fast delivery service of your content, regardless of how many emails you're sending – whether it is one pitch or an email campaign with over 500k recipients.

Recently, we made upgrades to our app core functions, so that our customers who are sending campaigns to over 500k contacts don't experience a big delay while working on a campaign and can rest assured that large number of contacts will receive their email with no issues.


Newsroom themes 🎨

And just a small reminder that we're working on new Prezly themes. All you need to do is go to your Newsroom settings to see which theme – labelled "Active" – is currently being used.

Spoiler alert: there will be more themes to choose from soon!

Newsroom settings > Themes
Newsroom settings > Themes


November 25, 2021

Story style for emails

We’re introducing Story Styles for emails, which allows you to choose how your stories look when they’re added to Campaigns or Pitches.

Previously, when adding Stories to Campaigns or Pitches, the stories would be displayed in the colors that you set up for your newsroom. But now, you can go into the Branding page in your Newsroom Settings and set custom colors for the story’s background, title, links, and text specifically for emails. 

November 9, 2021

Account switching is officially here!

​​You can now log in to multiple Prezly accounts using your one email and password, and switch between them without having to do the run-of-the-mill work of logging out and back in again.

Let's say you're a freelance PR professional and your clients are Airbnb, Amazon, Medium and Nike. You can now ask them to invite you to their licenses simply by sending an invitation to the email address you use for Prezly from their Manage team pages – no special workflow. 

After you accept their invitations, you will see those separate licenses in your user menu and be able to switch from account to account in a matter of seconds!

Give it a try!

  1. Once you’ve been invited to another account, click on your name or avatar on the top right corner of Prezly (the user menu).
  2. Select the account you would like to work in.
  3. When you have switched to another account, you will see a green notification bar confirming that the switch has been made. Simples!


Read the full write up, where we go into the feature in more detail and cover how this helps Prezly users →

October 27, 2021

NEW: Story preview link


When you’ve put together your story and would like to have a final look before you hit publish, click on the “Preview” button and a story preview will open in a new tab. The story preview has its own URL, which can come in handy when sharing the preview with teammates, just to make sure the story gets the green light before it goes live on your newsroom.

October 19, 2021

NEW: Updating your credit card details

When your credit card expires or if you simply wish to use a different credit card for your Prezly subscription, you can update your payment method anytime on the Billing information page under your Organization settings.

Click on "Update card" and the rest is easy! A form will appear on the right side of your screen, where you can enter and save your new credit card details.


September 15, 2021

Boilerplate editor bug? Fixed ✅

There was a bug around the Newsroom information part of our Newsroom Settings that didn't allow users to make or save any changes to the text in their boilerplate. It affected all accounts, but we are glad to say that it has been fixed and the boilerplate editor is up and running!

August 30, 2021

Picking up speed at Prezly 🚀

During the summer months, we worked on ways to make Prezly even faster. We're always looking at speed of our application and making sure it's up to speed whether you're sending a pitch to one person or a campaign to all of your contacts.

Here's a list of things we improved:

  • Faster email processing
    From sending to getting report events, such as opened, replied, and undelivered stats
  • Faster loading for the contact list sidebar
    There's always a ton of information we crunch before displaying them on the left sidebar of the Contacts page, such as segments, subscribed or unsubscribed, as well as bounced filters. Now, the sidebar loads much faster!


Other improvements and fixes

  • We've added a newsrooms page where you can have a clear overview of your online and archived newsrooms in a separate table, as well as delete archived newsrooms when you wish to do a little housekeeping.
  • Improve UI for creating and editing newsroom (multi-language) categories
  • Fixed bug with contact enrichment in sidebar, date wasn't always updating correctly
  • Improved a preview text shown in Gmail
July 26, 2021

More control over team member settings

Over the last couple of months, we've been working on expanding the types of team member permissions. The latest permission we've added is for deciding whether or not your team member is allowed to create new newsrooms.

You can see all the user permission options on the Manage team section of your Organization Settings. Just click on a teammate to check their profile and access to Prezly.

Manage team - Member permissions
Manage team - Member permissions


July 21, 2021

Introducing Site Themes 🎉

You may have noticed we’ve been buzzing a lot about Newsroom Themes in the last couple of months. We’ve already released our source code for our Open Newsroom Themes, which enables customers with the dev resources to fully customize and build on top of their Prezly newsrooms. 

Now we’re very excited to announce that any Prezly user can create stylish newsrooms on top of templates found in your Newsroom Settings, no developer experience required.

You can now find Newsroom Themes in your Newsroom Settings. Choose different Themes to transform the style of your newsroom so it’s a perfect fit for any industry.

The previous "Look & Feel" settings allowed you to customize your newsroom’s colors, fonts, and layout. Themes takes that concept a step further by giving you the option to switch between different newsroom templates in just a few clicks.


Today we introduced 3 themes for all of our users but there are more to come soon, so keep an eye on the Themes settings in your account! 👀

July 14, 2021

Various changes and bugfixes

  • Fixed 'import failed' screen being shown while fixing conflicts
  • Updated link to duplicated contacts from import summary
  • Replace 'send pitch' and 'store coverage' on contact view page
  • Improve autosaving of pitch to pitch drafts
  • Prevent using custom sender addresses for Canceled trials
  • Fixed bug with save warning on newsroom boilerplate
  • Improved of recently uploaded images throughout Prezly
  • Fixed sender addresses dropdown overflow
  • Fixed case where Coverage preview image was not working
  • Add (Global) labels to global versions of multi-country locales: ar, de, es, fr, en, nl, pt
  • Hide region names in newsroom language switcher if possible
  • Fixed case where newsroom logo would be unset while changing look and feel settings
  • Various WCAG compliance fixes on newsrooms


July 12, 2021

Prezly speaks many languages 💬

Prezly users a located all over the world, so we constantly monitor and update a list of languages that we support. Here are some of the latest updates regarding languages:

  • We introduced Global ​ label for languages that have more local variations. So now you can find for example French (Global) and French (France) in our language settings.
  • Global Arabic locale ar ​ has been added
  • UAE Arabic locale ar_AE has been renamed to Arabic (UAE) (formerly was Arabic)
  • Global Spanish es ​ locale has been added
  • Spanish (Spain) locale es_ES has been renamed to Spanish (Spain) (formerly was Spanish)

Additionally, the newsroom language picker is now "smarter" – it does not display region in your language selection menu when the full name is not really needed. For example, in a newsroom with Dutch (Belgium) and French (Belgium) languages, in the language selection menu you will just see Dutch and French. However in a newsroom with French (France) and French (Canada) we will display their full names.

Prezly languages and locals
Prezly languages and locals


July 6, 2021

Newsroom Languages

We released the new Languages page in Newsroom Settings. This update was built to improve the way our users pick or add languages to their newsrooms, as well as how to manage newsroom languages.

To sum up:

  • Selecting languages for your newsroom is more straightforward with an "Add language" button
  • Adding more newsroom languages is now easier, as you can select more than one language from the dropdown
  • Changing your default language now means that your stories get moved to the new default with one click
  • We recently added support for more languages for our users to select
  • The Languages page is 100% mobile friendly!

Go and have a look! If you have feedback or questions about this update, feel free to email us at support@prezly.com or start a conversation with us in our in-app chat.

July 1, 2021

Various small changes and bugfixes

We have just released a new 'newsroom branding' settings page. This update provides more flexibility around the look & feel of your newsroom which is important for the upcoming themes project.

By breaking up the previous page into 'Branding' and 'Theme' settings your logo (and maybe later brand colors) are untouched while experimenting or previewing upcoming themes.

Newsroom Settings > Branding
Newsroom Settings > Branding
  • Improved panel spacing on story edit
  • Reorganised newsroom settings sidebar menu
  • Added information panel from Look & Feel page with shortcut to branding settings
  • Story Preview improvements
    • Warn about outdated/unsaved changes
    • Show preview iframe even if the newsroom was custom built/self-hosted
    • Auto size the preview panel to get rid of one scrollbar
  • Fixed display of image captions for all versions of outlook
  • Fixed issue where the organisation settings sidebar was displayed on new accounts
  • Improved alphabetical sorting of newsrooms (case sensitivity)
  • Fixed spacing around panels on story edit page
  • Add new culture fr-LU (French Luxembourg)
  • Fixed a bug where newsroom cache was not refreshed on boilerplate update
June 25, 2021

Filtering by tag now shows ALL your tags, no matter how many you have

This improvement has been in the pipeline for a while and long-awaited by a number of users. Previously, the search stopped at just 25 tags even when there are more. With the new update, all your tags will show, from start to finish.

If you’re new to Prezly, then you might not see how this might help you just yet. But for those who have been using Prezly for quite some time, and have accumulated hundreds – possibly thousands – of tags, then you’ll definitely notice the difference. 

June 25, 2021

New look for the Newsroom Picker

If you have more than one newsroom in your account, the Newsroom Picker allows you to switch between newsrooms when publishing stories or updating newsroom settings. Its new look is designed to make it easier to find, manage, and create newsrooms...

Clicking the little gear or book icon in the Newsroom Picker takes you to the Newsroom Settings and Stories grid respectively, making it quicker and easier to navigate.

From the Stories grid
From the Stories grid
From Newsroom settings
From Newsroom settings
June 14, 2021

Newsroom Contacts

We're bringing more updates to our newsroom settings. Today we released a new and shiny 'Contacts' section where you create and manage your newsroom contact cards.

  • Better overview of contact(s) in a table
  • Create a contact in a side panel
  • Pick an image for a contact card
  • Visibility settings allows you to show a contact on your newsroom homepage or not
Prezly - Newsroom contacts
Prezly - Newsroom contacts

Other improvements and fixes

  • Filtering by tags now shows all your tags no matter how many you have
  • Improved validation messages in forms
June 10, 2021

Newsroom Categories

Managing categories in your newsroom just got a lot easier! The overall interface has changed. Here is what's new:

  • Create categories in the sidebar
  • Quickly switch between languages to translate
  • Increase number of characters allowed in both category title and description
  • Warning if you are about to lose unsaved changes
  • Better overview of the translations of a category
  • Quick link to all stories that have that category

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added a 'get help' section on newsroom > company information
  • Add trial badge to main navigation indicating the status/expiration of a trial
  • Small UI fix (misalignment + label) to team mates page
  • Update help text in campaign composer status indicators
  • Fixed bug where uploaded files in story editor were not always saved
  • Fixed bug that prevents some accounts from creating a newsroom (ACL error)
June 7, 2021

See which newsrooms contacts unsubscribe from

We made it easier to discover on which newsroom your contacts (un)subscribe from. Once you've filtered your contacts by the "Unsubscribed" rule, there are two quick ways to see which newsroom(s) your contact has unsubscribed from:

1. Hover over the red warning icon next to the contact

2. Hover over the yellow Unsubscribed tag on the Contact Preview


Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed the date and time picker and scheduler in the Story Editor for smaller screens
  • 'Esc' button can be used to close modal window after publishing a Story
  • API documentation updates on Story Editor (see API here)
  • Fixed the issue with language labels in the newsroom showing in the incorrect language instead of the default language
May 31, 2021

Improved newsroom settings + added support for TikTok

Over the last weeks we have been working on the overall interaction, design and functionality of the newsroom settings pages. Today we launched a big update to newsroom settings.

Newsroom Settings (with a lot of languages)
Newsroom Settings (with a lot of languages)

What's new

  • Improved the form to edit/update company information
  • Newsrooms with multiple languages now have an overview of which parts of the newsroom have been translated
  • Warnings when content is about to be lost
  • Quick link to all stories in that language
  • Add TikTok accounts to ​ your newsroom
  • Shortcut to Language settings

Other improvements

  • Story Edit: Updated the date picker in story edit
  • Story Edit: Fixed bug where date picker was under other elements of the page
  • Story Edit: Escape now closes the story published modal
  • Teammates page: Trigger sidebar on clicking team mate name
  • Improve routing of custom newsrooms
  • Speed up provisioning of SSL certificates when creating a newsroom
  • Speed up provisioning of CDN when creating a newsroom
  • Newsroom settings: Improve timezone dropdown
  • Newsroom settings: Remove search in date format
  • Contact importing: Better validation of column mapping during import
  • Fixed bug where newsroom overview would not be updated after archiving newsroom



May 25, 2021

New 🎉 Feature Labs section and more!

Feature lab section, Advance newsroom settings, and better overview of recipients in Campaign composer

🆕 Feature labs

Prezly Feature labs provides anyone with a Premium Plan or higher early access to new Prezly features before they're broadly released. These features are ready to use, but are also still in development, which means your feedback can and will help shape what they become (or don't become).

Go to the Feature labs page in Organization settings to enable new features.

Feature labs
Feature labs

🆕 Better recipients overview in Campaign composer

Importance of having a clear overview of where and to whom you're about to send your campaign is one of the core features in Prezly.

You now can access better recipients analysis while you're still creating a campaign and avoid surprises of your campaign not reaching intended audience. All your selected contacts are grouped in 'Valid' and 'Invalid' recipient group.

Campaign recipients overview
Campaign recipients overview

🆕 ​ Advanced newsroom settings

Changes are coming to the newsroom settings pages. This is the first page in this section that we adapted and released. Gives better explanation of options you have available for your newsroom.

Advanced newsroom settings
Advanced newsroom settings

Other improvements and fixes

  • Translations overview in Story Editor didn't show all options if you had +20 translations. Fixed by introducing two new dropdowns
  • Add shortcut to easily create a story from Campaign Composer
  • Teammates pages responsive design.
  • Add warning for mobile devices about app experience on non-desktop devices
  • Better indication (progress bar) when importing contacts
  • Improved performance of contact importing
  • Updated Prezly API documentation from V1 to V2 https://developers.prezly.com/docs/api/

Bug fixes

  • Fixed rare case where story editor would not warn you about losing changes while editing a story contact
  • After resizing a .gif image in the editor, a .gif still appeared in full on A published story.
  • In a story written in Italian, pasted text was not rendering correctly when published.


May 19, 2021

New 'manage team' page

Today we're rolling out a new teammates page which features more granular permissions and better visibility into the usage (join date, last login) of your account.

The new teammates overview replaces, improves and consolidates information from what was previously teammates listing and privacy settings.

Changes & Improvements

  • Easier to invite new users
  • New permissions:
    • Creating sender address
    • Managing other teammates
    • Easier to lock accounts to a single or multiple newsrooms
  • Privacy notifications (toggle on/off) are now part of team member settings
  • Suspended/Disabled accounts now go in a second list
  • Order team listing by joined date, last seen or name

Visit the new page here or check out the docs.

May 12, 2021

Country and Organisation column

Country and organisation can now be displayed in any contact list in Prezly. Toggle it on by using the 'display columns' button.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug where updating password would not always save
  • Allow lists in newsroom boilerplate
  • Teammates page:
    • Make 'edit teammate' button easier to find
    • Remove 'disabled' flag from teammates for suspended accounts
  • Newsroom API now lists all logos (square, favicon and main logo)
  • Added 'joined at' column to teammates page indicating the time the account was created


March 5, 2021

We've enabled "Sign in with Google" for everyone!

Save time on having to type in your login details and password, and just sign in with Google. Hey, every second saved counts!

March 5, 2021

More options for setting Team Permissions

When you and your team sign up for Prezly, by default, all team members have the same full access to all the newsrooms, features, and settings across the Prezly account. But you can also limit a team member's access to only specific parts of the account to prevent any unwanted or accidental changes in your content, contacts, or settings.

In our latest update, we've added two more permissions to the list:

  • Limit users from being able to add custom sender addresses
  • Limit users to send campaigns or pitches in Prezly

Update your team permissions now. Click here →

🚦This feature is only available for Premium or Enterprise plans. If you wish to activate this, please contact us via the in-app messenger. 

January 5, 2021

Introducing: Fuzzy search 🔎

So, here's the backstory...

One of Prezly's users was searching for the "Email" column, but we had labeled it as "E-mail(s)" and needless to say, this search implementation didn't work as well there as we thought it would. But hey, trial and error, right? :-)

Taking in this feedback, we decided to improve the way our users find and select their filters with match-highlighting. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


January 4, 2021

Invoice page

We've added a new responsive feature in your Organization Settings that allows you to click on a link to pay for your invoice. It is split into two, so you can see open or overdue invoices, as well as your previous paid invoices. Check out the new Invoices page in your account →

November 25, 2020

Our new Contact Importer is live!

A better overview of your imports from start to finish

With the new Contact Importer, you're still able to choose between importing an Excel/CSV file or copying + pasting from a spreadsheet. So don't worry – nothing has changed there, except that you can now work smarter by dragging and dropping your files, and pasting content from a spreadsheet is much easier if you want to upload contacts from various lists.

Overall, you now have a better run-through of your imports and you can make quick fixes to your import list if needed, without having to leave the page and re-open that bulky spreadsheet. On top of that, you can see a full history of your imports, and fix or preview them in the 'Imports' tab in the Contacts page. View all your imports →

Throughout the importing process, we give you live in-app updates that let you know how the import is going.



Improved logic to give you more control over contact merging

The new Contact Importer also has a full import summary, featuring steps you can take to prevent the unwanted merging of contacts, such as being able to choose between overwriting existing contacts with new data or keeping them as-is.


Alternatively, you can choose to "Ignore" or "Resolve conflict" for individual rows to make sure you've got the conflicts cleaned up to a tee. 👌

November 10, 2020

Copy & paste content into the Story Editor

When pasting content from a webpage, a Google Doc or a Word file, Prezly keeps the text, bullet points, formatting (bold, italics, underline, subscript, or superscript), images and links in place. Same goes for copying content into Campaigns!

November 3, 2020

Copy + paste from Word docs

When you paste content that is copied from a Word document, all the images, headings, bullet-point lists will stay in place, meaning you won't have to make any formatting adjustments once your content is in the Campaign Composer. More good news: the same goes for Prezly Stories.

October 8, 2020

Changes to how you mass-select checkboxes

We’ve simplified the way selecting multiple Contacts works. From now on, Prezly will reset the selection to 0 when you navigate to a different filter view or when you enter a new search term, such as a contact's first name.


☑️Learn more about how mass checkbox selection works in Prezly


How it worked before

Previously, when you selected contacts using the checkbox function, they would remain selected even when you navigated away to a different part of your CRM or changed the view filter. While this seemed helpful at first, we quickly realized that it could be confusing – especially if you have a large contacts database.


So, what does this new update mean?

From today, your selection will be reset whenever you apply a new filter or enter a new search. This means that if you’re performing an action – such as adding Contacts to a Campaign, applying Tags, or exporting Contacts – you’ll need to make sure to complete that action before changing your filter view. This is the same behavior as you’ll find in other everyday tools, such as Gmail, so we hope you’ll find it more straightforward and intuitive to use. 🤩

October 1, 2020
Copy + paste content from webpages or Google Docs

Copy + paste content from webpages or Google Docs

Now, it is also easier to copy text and images from a webpage and paste it into an Email Campaign or a Pitch. When pasting content from a webpage or a Google Doc, Prezly tries its best to keep the text, formatting (bold, italics, underline, subscript, or superscript), images, and links intact. 

Alternatively, if you and your team have collaborated on a Google Doc and you’d like to get the content into Prezly, you can simply copy text and images from the Google Doc and paste it into the editor.


This improvement is only available in Campaign and Pitch Editors. We are currently working on getting this ready for the Story Editor.

October 1, 2020

Drag & drop images and files into Campaigns and Stories!

You can now drag and drop any files into the editor from your computer. When you drag an image file and drop it into the Campaign or Pitch Editor, and Story Editor, the file will show as an actual image. But when you drag other files, like a Word document or a PDF, for example, they will show as attachments.

September 10, 2020

Our Search input has a new look!

We've updated the search input in Prezly's page header to make it easier to search for your contacts or content! ✨

You can now see how many search results we find divided by sections, and clicking on a search result will bring you straight to the Contact, Story, Campaign, Coverage, or Newsroom. ​ However, clicking on a Contact Note in the search results will not bring you directly to the Contact Note page – this is something we're still working on. 🙂

September 10, 2020
New features added to 'Step 3: Reviewing Recipients' of the Campaign Composer

New features added to 'Step 3: Reviewing Recipients' of the Campaign Composer

We added 'Preview' and 'Export' buttons to Step 3 of our Campaign Composer, where you review your recipients for a final look before you send or schedule your campaign:


'Preview' button

When you hover over a contact in your recipients list, you'll see a little 'Preview' button next to their names. Clicking on 'Preview' will show you what the campaign will look like to your contacts once they've opened the email.


'Export' button

Some of our users mentioned it would be really helpful to be able to export contacts from a campaign before sending it, so we've added an 'Export' button that allows you to export and download contacts straight into an Excel file. ⚡️

July 31, 2020

Sort your Newsrooms by status

Newsroom Status
Newsroom Status

This is especially useful for PR agencies that run separate newsrooms for each of their many clients, as well as larger companies that have multiple newsrooms for localization, internal comms, the company blog and more.

July 31, 2020

The Edit Contact form is now a part of the Contacts sidebar!

When editing a contact's information, you don't need to go back and forth between different tabs anymore. Now, you can easily edit your contacts from within the Contacts Grid or anywhere in Prezly that allows you to open a Contact Preview. Clicking on "Edit Person" opens up the Edit Contact form, helping you save time by editing contacts on the spot.


We also notify you if you have unsaved changes, so you can be sure that you don't lose any newly added contact information!


July 31, 2020

Sign in to Prezly using SSO

Every second counts! When you need to log in quickly and don't want to risk mistyping your password, you can opt to sign in using SSO. ⚡️


July 3, 2020

Better email preview

We've improved the email preview for email campaigns and pitches! You can now see the full email in your Campaigns grid without having to leave the page. A time saver!


June 29, 2020

NEW: Share quotes from stories on Twitter or Facebook

Previously, sharing a quote from a story to social media required the manual "Select" + "Copy" + "Paste" before you could share the post on your profile.

Now, once you've published a story and its 'Visibility' is set to Public, you can select any text and share the text directly to your Twitter or Facebook account as a post.

Learn more about sharing a quote from a story on Twitter or Facebook →


June 3, 2020
New & Improved Campaign Composer

New & Improved Campaign Composer

We decided it was time our campaign composer had a revamp. So, we came up with a newer, better version of our email composer – same functionality, but easier, faster and more up to speed with the times! 🚀

You might not see this in your account yet, as we're rolling this out gradually to ensure we don't miss anything. If you're interested in giving the new campaign composer a little test round, drop us a message and we'll enable it for you.

Read more about the new changes in our campaign composer here


April 27, 2020

Choose how many rows you want to see

You can now specify the number of rows per page you want to see in a Prezly listing.


April 1, 2020

Email from verified email addresses only

From now on you can only send email campaigns and pitches from verified sender addresses. Read about it in our help centre.

March 18, 2020

Share coverage through email campaigns

Sharing coverage with your contacts by email used to be a painfully tedious task. So, we've made it easier to share more than one coverage item at a time using Email Campaigns or Pitches.

  1. Select the items you want to share. You can use the sidebar filters on the left or the filter form above coverage items.
  2. Click on Campaign or Pitch. The coverage item(s) is automatically added under the email body.
  3. Personalise your email or add some text in the email body above the coverage item.
  4. Select recipients and send or schedule your campaign!

This will allow you to use Prezly as a coverage reporting tool for both external or internal stakeholders.

Adding a coverage item to a Campaign or Pitch


Learn more about sharing coverage with your contacts →

January 14, 2020

Share instructions with IT

To ensure that the emails you send from Prezly always show up in your contacts mailboxes it's important to verify your sending domain (documentation). Unfortunately that setup is not that easy if you're not familiar with DNS records and their control panels.

We made it easier to get the IT department to help you. On the sender domain page you will now find a `share instructions` button that enables you to send very specific instructions for anyone helping with the setup.

The email will contain a link to a public instructions page (auto expires after 7 days) that will ​ allow anyone without a Prezly account to set-up the records and run a status check.

After adding the records and clicking the `run status check` the records will turn green and there will be clear instructions that the setup is now complete.

December 12, 2019

Snapchat, Discord, Twitch & Skype support

As not all social media profiles are useful in any industry the contact overview is hiding those networks by default. Open the column selector to show the social networks you want to see, click the header to order to see all contacts using Snapchat on top.

December 9, 2019

Use filename as the image name


Use the new buttons in the Prezly image uploader to apply the filename as the image name.


November 27, 2019

Choose the columns you want to see

We have added a new configuration menu where you can customize which columns you can see and in what order. This is a per-device configuration which will not affect what your colleagues see in Prezly.

Hide columns

Toggle column's visibility with the checkbox. Hide information which you don't need.

Reorder columns

Drag & drop columns to change their order. You decide what's most important.

And it's all mobile-friendly!

November 3, 2019

Better scrolling in grids

We have rolled out a few changes that we believe will make it easier to find information in the contact, story and campaign overviews.

Scrollbars visible all the time

No need to scroll the entire page to find that horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the page. ​

💡 Use your primary (or secondary) mousewheel to move down or right to find extra information.

Frozen columns/rows

For all you Excel fans 🤔 out there: Freeze columns.

From now on when you're scrolled to the right or bottom we will always show the most important information highlighting the record on that row, and which column you're looking at.

Happy scrolling!



October 18, 2019
Take full control over your Tags 🏷

Take full control over your Tags 🏷

Adding tags one by one takes more time out of your work day than it should, which is why we’ve come up with a quicker way to manage your tags. From mass tagging and untagging to easily managing tags on a contact level this update will have you saving time and keeping your contacts database more organised.

We worked on a bulk untagging feature. All you have to do is select the contacts you'd like to remove a tag(s) from, then click on the "More" button above the list.

Then, once you've clicked on "Remove Tags," you can specifically choose which tags you would like to remove from your selected contacts.


October 8, 2019

Tagging just got better

We have deployed an update that makes it easier to update contact tags. First of all we're now showing the tags within the contact listing. Contacts with too many tags will have a shortcut to see all tags in the sidebar.

The tagging component to manage the assigned contact tags got a lot better:

  • showing tags already enabled
  • quick search/highlighting
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • easily add new contacts

Give it a try



September 10, 2019
Quickly resend or duplicate campaign

Quickly resend or duplicate campaign

Want to send a campaign to another contact (previously `resend`) or use the content of this email campaign and send it to another list ?

Simply go into the Campaign report of your chosen campaign. From there, click the Send again button at the top right corner to create a quick pitch or duplicate the email campaign.


September 1, 2019
We've made Pitching faster, easier, and smarter

We've made Pitching faster, easier, and smarter

Quick and personal outreach has become even easier with some big improvements to 1-1 pitching within Prezly.

Sending a pitch from a story
Sending a pitch from a story

Sending thousands of emails to your contacts in hopes of something sticking is now a thing of the past. These days, the best way to move your brand forward is to connect your Stories with the right people. That's where Prezly Pitches come in.

From today, not only can you continue to send 1-1 pitches from your Contacts Profile, but you can also create and send your pitches from almost anywhere just as easily within Prezly. This changes your workflow for the better and gives you more time to spend on creating quality content that your resonate with your audience.

Read more about it here.



August 28, 2019

Discover what's new 👀

The page you're reading now is part of our new changelog. We have launched a new section that allows everyone using Prezly to discover what has changed within Prezly.

New features, important bug fixes or general improvements will be posted in a timeline that can be accessed from the help section (question mark right top).

New changelog section
New changelog section


August 14, 2019

You can now search for pitches

You can now search for Contact Pitches in the main search (in the header)!

  • clicking a draft pitch will open up a modal to edit the pitch (and send it!)
  • clicking a sent pitch will open up a modal to preview the pitch
August 12, 2019
Easier & better image uploading

Easier & better image uploading

Here are the changes

Easy access to documentation + overview of what the upload box can do

  • Ordering icons to reorder the images in gallery
  • Crop/remove icons to remove individual images from gallery
  • Information hint on image galleries for quick access to image organisation panel

Published on Monday, August 12, 2019

August 4, 2019

More image sizes

There are now 5 image sizes for media galleries instead of 3. We have removed the size slider in favour of explicit buttons:


July 28, 2019

Easier and improved sorting

We have improved the way data is ordered on overviews and made it easier to spot and change the sorting order.

The recommended sort order does depend on the page and sidebar filters applied.

  • Last modified when filtering for drafts
  • Scheduled Date when filtering for scheduled campaigns
  • Sending Date when filtering for sent campaigns
  • Relevance when user filters using search term
  • and so on

Ordering can be changed using the dropdown `sort by` on the right or by clicking column headers on the overview.

July 27, 2019

Campaign stats (in %) and improved report

On the campaign report you will now find a visual overview of the performance of your campaign.

In addition we have replaced the performance columns in contact and campaign grids by % allowing you to find your best or worst performing campaigns. Moving your mouse over a column shows the absolute numbers.

July 11, 2019

Revamped 'quick campaign' flow

The campaign picker modal has got a brand new look! This feature will help you quickly create a campaign from the contact overview or a campaign report.

The new modal comes with a fresh look, keyboard navigation, autofocus, empty states with links do our documentation, and improved error handling.


You can see this modal when you create a campaign base on selected contacts in contacts grid and on a campaign report.

June 17, 2019

Check recipients of scheduled/draft campaigns

It is now possible to access campaign report of a scheduled campaign and see recipients.


June 12, 2019

Shuffle layout in Story galleries

Recently we've had some questions about changing the layout of gallery images in the New Story Editor. It turns out that not many people are aware that the order of uploaded images affects the layout and ordering can be changed in the upload modal.

The more images a gallery has, and more they vary in aspect ratios, the more this feature should be useful ⭐️

May 19, 2019
Better Contact Management

Better Contact Management

See more information about your contacts, sort your contacts, a brand new interface, and mobile support.

Preview of the New Contacts Interface
Preview of the New Contacts Interface

Read more about it here

April 19, 2019
Stories, Campaigns & Pitches get new mobile-friendly updates

Stories, Campaigns & Pitches get new mobile-friendly updates

Today, we are announcing a whole bunch of new updates to help you manage your Stories, Campaigns, and Pitches that will make you more productive. You'll save a lot of time on content management with these new features!

Read more about it here


March 28, 2019

Overview of your pitches

Today we have released what we call the `pitches overview`. It is similar to the list of email campaigns but shows all the individual emails you have sent with with contacts in your database.

Pitch overview
Pitch overview

In that overview you can see all the pitches sent by you and your colleagues and discover who opened, clicked or replied.

Please contact us if you have questions or idea's.

May 30, 2016
Support for more video services

Support for more video services

We used to only support embeddable videos from Youtube and Vimeo. From now on you'll be able to add videos from a whole bunch of other services like Facebook Videos, Wistia, Vines, Dailymotion and other services who use the Oembed standard. 

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014
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