May 23, 2024

New theme settings preview and logo sizing

We've created a new theme settings preview interface for Bea, Lena and Greta themes to help you make adjustments.

Previously there was a preview changes link, but now you can see changes alongside theme settings before applying them.

dynamic theme preview

Fine-tune site logo size

We know that a lot of brands have logos in all shapes and sizes, often including text as part of the graphics, sometimes in small sizes, so we've added a logo size adjustment for tablet and desktop sized screens.

This defaults to medium, but you can go either small or large as well - perfect for getting your branding just right.

adjusting site logo size

We also recommend using the crop tool in brand settings to remove whitespace from the logo first.

This is the first of several improvements we have planned for themes so watch this space!

May 16, 2024

Re-order your site contacts

You can now define the order in which your site contacts are displayed on your homepage. Simply drag-and-drop the contacts into the order you want, and it will be reflected as such on your site.

May 3, 2024

Contact tags: new permissions and improvements

Tag permissions for premium and agency plans

People organize things in different ways, and we've heard from some customers with larger teams that they want to centrally manage contact tags, to maintain more order and structure.

So we are introducing contact tag permissions for premium and agency plans. Account admins will be able to restrict tag creation to specific users in cases where teams have a specific tag structure they want to adhere to.

This is opt-in – by default these permissions are turned on for all, so it will be business as usual for those not interested in locking things down.

Please note that because users can add tags using Contact imports, we've had to relate this permission – users who can't add tags will be restricted from being able to import contacts by CSV.

Manage tag improvements

  • The Manage tags listing now has "Created by" and "Created date" fields to help with management (we are endeavouring to back populate this where we can, but most entries will be from April 2024).
  • We've increased tag listing pagination to 500, so the vast majority of users will see all their tags on the same page.

Tag picker improvements

We've completely reworked the tag picker for the contact side panel:

  • Search is better - you can now 'fuzzy search' and match tags, even if you don't 100% type the right search term.
  • It's now clearer to see what tags have been applied when using the picker.
  • Tags are loaded locally so it's much faster to use on slower connections and snappier overall.
  • Tags themselves have been polished so they look and feel better.
  • Error messages are clearer and we've also fixed minor bugs.

We'd love to hear from you how you use tags and whether there are any further improvements you'd like to see – get in touch via our usual support channel with your thoughts!

April 12, 2024

The story, campaign and pitch listings are getting a new look! ✨

Key changes

  • New layout – the new listings contain the same information as the previous tables, but presented in a more condensed format that doesn't require horizontal scrolling. It also allows more space for long titles.
  • Easier campaign and pitch comparison – with all data within view, you can quickly compare open and click rates across campaigns.
  • Simpler controls No more columns to reorder. Above the listed stories, campaigns and pitches you can still sort your list based on status, author, and more. You can also change rows per page.
  • Faster access to pitches – clicking a pitch row now opens the pitch, instead of the recipient of the pitch.

Campaign unsubscribe numbers are now shown when clicking through to the campaign report.

When is it coming?

We are releasing this incrementally to allow for a smooth rollout. Some of you will already see this in your account as of now, while some of you will have it within the coming weeks.

We'd love your feedback

As this is a visible change to pages many of you work on regularly, we understand this can feel like a big change. As always, we would love to get your feedback on the new listings - be it a bug, a frustration or a suggestion. Write us a message via the support chat in the bottom right corner.

March 25, 2024

Two-factor authentication

We implemented two-factor authentication (2FA), which allows users to secure their account access using an authenticator app. 2FA can be enabled in your personal settings by each user individually, or an account can decide to enforce it for all users.

Please note that 2FA cannot be enabled if you use Google or SSO to log in.


March 25, 2024

Weekly site activity round-up

As of today, we'll start sending all of our users an automated email showing the past 7 days' activity for each of your site(s). Of course, this can be disabled in your email preferences.

March 22, 2024

Introducing featured categories

Not all categories are created equal, and by choosing what to spotlight, you can bring more attention to the stories that matter.

To help with that we've launched featured categories in our Bea theme.

If you feature a category, it will show up as:

  • a filter on your homepage, allowing users to fast filter stories.
  • a card in our new category dropdown, with more visual emphasis.
  • in our featured category block at the end of your homepage. If you don't wish to use this block, it can be toggled off in theme settings.

You can add images to categories now as well, used both for featured categories in the dropdown and also on the category page itself.

Find out more in our featured categories help article.

These are just some of the design changes we've made in this update and we appreciate your feedback as always! Shoot us a message via our support channel if you have any questions/feedback.

March 5, 2024

Improved image galleries

We've just shipped a nice improvement to galleries - you can now crop, delete, edit captions and reorder images directly in the editor!

it's now easier to see which images you are deleting, and what to caption, and you can arrange your galleries as you like with less effort. Drag images in the editor to rearrange, or click 'Randomize' to mix things up a bit.

arranging your story gallery
arranging your story gallery

Media galleries now have wider width options as well so you can display galleries contained, expanded and full width.

If you share a media gallery link as a bookmark in a story, it shows it's both a media gallery and also the number of images within it on the bookmark, along with the gallery title and description.

Top tip: insert one and try experimenting with Card layout options - vertical and horizontal works well for different style images.

improved media gallery bookmarks
improved media gallery bookmarks

There's a new item in the menu - media gallery bookmark. This lets you search across sites and insert media galleries as web bookmarks into your stories, campaigns and pitches easily. Great for adding at the end of a story or email to let people browse your media galleries.

See more in our help article below:

Adding an image gallery to your story
Adding an image gallery to your story

Adding and editing image gallery embeds


March 5, 2024

Show site headers and footers in campaigns and pitches

We’ve just rolled out a new site header and footer feature that you can use when attaching stories to your pitches and campaigns.

This allows you to add site branding to the stories you send out, and makes it easier for readers to navigate to your site for more info.

As part of this improvement, we’ve redesigned the control panel for formatting attached stories. By default we use your site logo, but you can also upload a custom logo just for emails within your branding settings.

While we were at it, we also tweaked the "Read more" link for stories attached as "introduction only", making it bigger and easier to click.

See our help article for more info on email headers and footers.

If you have any feedback about this or any other feature, do write us a message via the in-app support chat!

A header and footer added to an attached story.
A header and footer added to an attached story.



February 9, 2024

🆕 Introducing: Subscriber management

We've just launched a new page designed to help you manage your site subscribers. Here you can see everyone who subscribes to each of your Prezly sites, and choose whether you want to add them as contacts in your CRM. (There are also settings to automate this process – more on that below!)

You can access the subscribers page from your site dashboard, and use it to view, track, and organize your subscribers in a streamlined way.

🔹 Subscriber ≠ Contact: Easily differentiate between site subscribers (those who opted in through your site) and contacts (added manually to your CRM by you/your team), enhancing your ability to manage communication flows effectively.

🔹 Enhanced subscriber overview: Quickly find and sort your site subscribers by their status or the date they subscribed. Also gives you the ability to transform subscribers into contacts with a single click.

🔹 Subscription settings: Choose whether or not to show a subscription form on your site, or enable automatic contact creation if you want new site subscribers to automatically appear in your Contacts.

For new users, the automatic contact creation feature will be turned off by default. Existing users will find this feature enabled, ensuring all new subscribers are automatically added to your contact list, as this best reflects the behavior you are used to.

Note: This feature is a work in progress, and we'll be launching more functionality and enhancements around subscriber management in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates!

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