Is Prezly for me?

When you first start out in PR, the challenges are to figure out your niche and your story, find the right contacts, design pitches that get your brand reach, reputation, coverage. You remember how it was.

Thing is, as time goes on, those challenges don’t change – but their byproducts start to pile up.

A handful of contacts becomes a hundred; your team of one doubles, then triples. The niches and clients multiply. Chaos reigns. The time you used to spend on your actual PR is now split between chasing down colleagues for information, exporting things from one tool and into another, managing passwords, making Software A play nice with Software B.

And you think, when did my day-to-day work stop being about PR? 😩

Prezly is designed to get rid of that digital fatigue and give you and your team a simpler way to get better results from your pitches.

Below is a no-BS outline of what Prezly is – and isn’t – and why our clients chose us, in their own words, to help you decide if Prezly is right for you.

What is Prezly?

In a nutshell, Prezly is a tool that gets your story in front of your contacts in the cleanest, simplest, most pain-free way possible. Basically, it brings together all the functionality that’s core to PR, and integrates it to make the work you already do go way, way further.

Here’s what that boils down to:

  • A CRM system your whole team can use to organize all their contact lists in one place
  • An email pitching tool for getting your story into people’s inboxes, and not their spam
  • A multimedia editor for publishing press releases that look great
  • Online (branded) newsrooms to increase reach and house all your stories and assets
  • A coverage log that connects with your email campaigns to make reporting so much easier

And clear and actionable engagement analytics on all of the above, so you can understand if people are actually reading your campaigns, visiting your newsroom, and downloading your assets.

Who uses Prezly?

Our customers are split around between in-house PR teams and PR agencies of all sizes. Some are global players with over 100 seats, who’ve published more than 200 newsrooms in a dozen languages and sent thousands of pitches, others are solo PRs with a single newsroom. We have tiered plans to accommodate them all.

These are some of our clients you've likely heard of.


What are the benefits of using Prezly?

There are three major benefits you'll realize when using Prezly:

  • Improved efficiency for your team. Because Prezly gives you a single platform to manage most of your daily tasks, it replaces the disconnected tools most PRs use, and you save time on every part of your day.
  • Control over your workflow. Prezly is powerful, but it’s not complicated – you don’t need to go through IT to publish a newsroom, you don’t need a designer to set up your branding. Prezly gives your team autonomy.
  • Higher engagement on your stories. Email campaigns and pitches sent through Prezly get high deliverability and above average open rates, and Prezly newsrooms give your stories greater reach.

Why do people choose Prezly?

Usually PR teams choose Prezly when they feel their day-to-day work is becoming painful – disorganized and outdated contact lists, hard to keep things consistent between team members and clients, using too many tools to accomplish one task.

Here are some of the reasons we’ve had from real-life clients:

"I know that a few PR professionals are working with Dropbox and all these different extra tools. But for me, it's just perfect that it's one tool that combines everything." – Manon Acke, Sennheiser
"There’s a big advantage in workload. Prezly saves us time." – William Meerschaut, Hyundai
"With Prezly, it’s easy to keep track of a lot of journalists at once and create specialized campaigns just for specific contacts." – Isabell Cordes, gamigo group

What are the signs that Prezly might be right for me?

If you are working flat out but not getting the results you expect, then Prezly is for you. Prezly will help you understand if your stories are resonating with the people you’re pitching, and give you information you can use to get more coverage for your announcements.

We also believe that software should make your life easier, not harder. It should be so straightforward and integrated into your workflow that you forget it exists. It should just work. So if you find yourself regularly feeling like you want to throw your computer out of the window, it’s likely that Prezly is for you.

What tools does Prezly replace?

✅ MS Excel ✅ Google Sheets ✅ Email ✅ MailChimp ✅ Dropbox ✅ WordPress

What are the signs that Prezly is not right for me?

If you thrive on the hustle and bustle of using different, handpicked software for every part of your workflow, then a tool that brings all of that together is probably not for you.

It might also not be the best choice if you’re more old school in your PR – preferring wire services, sharing assets through PDF attachments, seeing no need for an online newsroom, that sort of thing. If that’s what works for you, then who are we to tell you any different? You do you :)

Where can I learn more?

If you want to learn more about the main parts of Prezly and how they work we'd recommend you to check out these feature pages:

But, at the end of the day, the best way to understand if Prezly is the right fit for you is to try it.

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