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I saw somebody else using the newsroom and I was just like, 'That's everything a journalist needs right there.' The easier you can make it for them the better.

Nicole Yeardley
Nicole YeardleyWallsauce
Nicole Yeardley

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gamigo group

The logo, colours, and style used in gamigo's newsroom mean that anyone familiar with the brand can immediately see that this newsroom is part of gamigo's story.

"Our coverage increased exponentially after we implemented our Prezly newsroom properly and set it up on our website." – Isabell Cordes, gamigo group


Given that players in the gaming industry keep such a close community with their fans, it's normal for newsrooms to speak straight to the gamers rather than being targeted exclusively at career journalists. That's why it's important to mention those social links in the footer.


Telenet uses a highly customized header and top navigation for its newsroom, to ensure the brand is kept consistent across all of its web assets and to easily bring together several different webpages. The result is a clean, on-brand newsroom that's instantly recognizable.

The separate links for contact details and categories in the top navigation bar, along with the search function, make navigation a breeze – something your media contacts are sure to appreciate instead of searching through their inbox or trying to keep up via Google searches.

(Don't take our word for it – check out our interview with freelance journos Holly and Kelsey for insider info on exactly what turns them off about downloading digital assets.)


For an example of a beautiful, visually rich newsroom, check out Wallsauce. Not only do they consistently use high-quality pictures for their story overview cards, they curate a really wonderful media gallery within their newsroom – just take a look.

As a result, the whole newsroom functions as a really chic and easy-to-use press kit. (Want to make your own online press kit? Here's what you'll need.)

"When you've got such a visual product, your emails have got to look good." – Nicole Yeardley, Wallsauce


This online newsroom is the hub to which all of Blizzard's international followers flock to get the latest news and updates about one of the world's most well-known video game publishers and developers.

Notice the link to the company's media gallery in the top-right, leading to a page of Blizzard's approved media resources.


Gaming is an extremely graphic-heavy sector, so Flaregames have invested custom work into making sure their newsroom is colourful, on-brand and above all, fun.


Deputy's online newsroom is downright stunning, incorporating eye-catching images, clear headlines and different categories within a neat layout to create a resource that's both beautiful and functional.

It's like a journalist's dream.

This newsroom is hosted in Prezly, so retains the advantages of our integrated CRM, coverage and campaigns features. However, Deputy went a step further by integrating the newsroom seamlessly with their own website, complete with custom URL.

That means that they use Prezly as the backend powering their newsroom, while their native site code provides all the style and formatting. Neat, right?


This tech giant has a global brand to maintain, so it's little wonder they've customized their newsroom to look like part of their site. Take note of the styling in the header and footer of the newsroom, as well as the top navigation which seamlessly takes any reader between the press area and the rest of Sennheiser's website.


By integrating their Prezly newsroom with their website, Eneco make it even easier to access, incorporate it with their site branding and benefit from the SEO juice from all those published press releases.

Where do you publish your press releases?

Newsroom Logo

The City of Leuven (Belgium) is using their branded newsroom to tell stories to their citizens and local partners. It's a great showcase of multimedia storytelling.

Live Nation

Live Nation is worlds largest organisor of 'live entertainment'. Every 15 minutes somewhere in the world a Live Nation concert is starting.

The Belgian Live Nation team is using Prezly to announce and showcase their local gigs.

Newsroom Logo

VIB is an independent research institute where some 1,800 top scientists from Belgium and abroad conduct pioneering basic research. But really, you can learn everything you need to know to tell an enticing story about the institute from its newsroom.

Segmenting its stories into categories that are accessible through the top nav, VIB makes it easy for journalists to parse its content in multiple languages. Add to that a media center filled with images and hi-res logos, and you put any media content that receives your pitches in an easy position.

Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Make life (or at least, work) easier for journalists: give them access to high-res media assets upfront. Don't make them chase you for them. The media often work to tight deadlines, and having all the ingredients for a good story can be the deciding factor to whether or not your story gets coverage.

Take the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for example. They have published not one but six separate albums in their online media gallery, so that anyone writing about them can find whatever they need around the clock.

Learn more about the importance of media assets in our article on online press kits (and how to create your own).

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