Prezly for Nonprofits

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Publish and distribute world-class content to your greatest stakeholders through multimedia, multi-language press releases and branded newsrooms.

Why nonprofits choose Prezly

Your story, in full colour

Research shows multimedia press releases get up to 9.7 times as many views as those using text alone. With Prezly, you can feature whole galleries of high-resolution images, videos and tweets in all your press releases without overloading your contacts’ inbox.

Multimedia stories
saved weekly on client mailouts
“Prezly has cut down on the time we spend creating press releases, increased the visual appeal of our releases, and allowed us to track engagement with key stakeholders.”
Evan D., Canada West

Insights into audience engagement

Every orator knows to play off their audience to get their story heard. Problem is, with email, it can be hard to tell who’s listening. Prezly puts all your media communications in one place, giving you insights into email open rates, click rates and reader engagement.

Insight into audience engagement
use Prezly to track story engagement
“Prezly makes public relations more tangible and effective. Its tools are vital to get measurable results.”

A central hub for all your news

No technical knowledge? No problem. Prezly’s simple interface means you can easily set up a professional, branded newsroom to tell your story, share your latest news and create image galleries.

Central hub for your news (newsroom)
Korneel Warlop, AB InBev
“Using Prezly with different departments makes it easy to reuse each other’s messages while keeping them customised in function of the target group.”

Discount on membership

As part of a nonprofit organisation, you’re using your time to build something that will change the world for the better. That’s why we offer 20% off on all pricing plans for qualifying nonprofits.

Discount on membership (smiling lady)