The Prezly mission

Prezly succeeds if you succeed in successfully reaching out to your influentials.

Everything we do is based on this: if we decide on new features or even when we write a blogpost, your success is at the base of what we do. We believe that the more our customers will succeed, the more we as a company will succeed. This means that we are in it for the long run. We will keep evolving Prezly the way you and your customers want it to evolve. Your feedback, your stories, your success matter most to us. They are at the core of how we are building this company and will keep building it in the future. 

Jesse Wynants
Jesse Wynants, founder

Why are we creating Prezly?

While working in communication agencies, founders Jesse and Frederik saw people struggle with sending out news releases time and time again.

The same problems recured: having to compress high resolution visuals so they could be sent in attachment, having to put files on an FTP and having to share the information with the recipients. It was a tiresome workflow that we felt we could greatly simplify for all organizations and people sharing information with the traditional press and bloggers.

In 2009 the first beta version of Prezly launched. After all these years the initial vision remains the same: we want to help PR teams rock. Prezly aims to simplify the tedious process of stringing together many solutions to distribute and publish press releases. This way we can make PR teams more efficient, getting the tools out of the way to spend more time on stories and relationships.

Company details

Prezly BVBA

Broekstraat 72
3001 Leuven (Heverlee)
BTW/VAT BE0829.855.487

Bank KBC Belgium
Account / IBAN BE95 7360 0232 7458

The team

The founding team of Prezly is a tight-knit group hailing from Leuven and Brussels in Belgium.

Jesse and Frederik are longtime friends and partners in crime. They studied Communication & Multimedia Design together. Gijs they found via Google in 2010. Really.

Gijs Nelissen

Gijs Nelissen

Tech & sales

Gijs is the left brainer of the team. Our logic. Next to his technical responsibilities (making sure stuff doesn't break) he is an overly enthusiastic Prezly salesman, pitching our product from door to door.

Jesse Wynants

Jesse Wynants

Client satisfaction

Jesse is the one who came up with the actual idea for Prezly (it came to him in Zanzibar, no kidding). He keeps an overview of the company, keeps the team on track and tries to make sure that clients are happy with Prezly.

Frederik Vincx

Frederik Vincx

Content & design

Frederik designed this page. And all of the other pages on the site. Frederik is a user centered designer. He works closely together with clients and the Prezly team to create usable, useful and desirable solutions.