It's your story

Successful organizations are built by successful communicators.

Businesses succeed (or fail) by your ability to communicate clearly about your cause. First, you need to communicate to attract skilled and motivated team members. Later, communication is about showing customers, partners, and the world why they should choose you.

Prezly exists to help communicators tell stories that put people in motion.

Having a good story is important – but it cannot stop there. You must be able to present that story on your own terms, and share it with the people that can't wait to hear it. The earlier you start building that network of fans, the sooner you can share your stories, the more successful you will become.

Only... we no longer own our networks.

For more than a decade, we've been outsourcing our direct connection with our fans to the big social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. We work tirelessly to create content that ends up serving their business first, while our communications with even our closest fans rely on the whims of hidden algorithms.

Isn't it time we take back ownership of our relationships?

Tear down the gatekeepers and communicate directly with your contacts using reliable, personal and widely available channels. Use email; build a website. Take your place at the helm of your story.

Our storytelling platform helps you do exactly that.

It’s time to tell your story on your own terms.

Founders of Prezly – Gijs Nelissen and Jesse Wynants

Who are your fans?

People can be fans in myriad different ways. Some people are your fans because they believe in you and your vision; others will love your work and rave about it to their friends. You have fans. Start speaking with them.

  • A blogger raving about your new thing

  • An employee saying “let’s make this even better"

  • A journalist asking for info to cover your news

  • A reviewer leaving ★★★★★

  • An industry expert sharing your new blog post

  • A customer recommending you to their friends

Our core values

Build, fix – repeat!
Build, fix – repeat!

Being product-first means we always strive to build better. Got a suggestion? Open the chat bubble in the corner, or submit an idea via our product roadmap.

Our Roadmap
Open collaboration
Open collaboration

Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not by hoarding it. That’s why we build resources like PR Roundtable – to give you a place to share your ideas.

PR Roundtable
Customer love
Customer love

Each Prezlian does “client duty” one day a week, responding to that chat bubble in the corner and trying to understand how we can make your job simpler.

Customer love
Be the best you
Be the best you

We never stop learning because we know it's always possible to do better. That’s also why we work to make content that helps you be your best self every day.

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Product-first approach to everything we do


Awesome active clients & customers


Brilliant international team members


Years of building & learning

Our team tradition

We all have our quirks. Whenever a new member joins our team, each Prezlian submits three questions to uncover what flavour oddball lurks behind their professional facade. Here are some of our favorite team facts.


Is a certified paragliding pilot


Has owned four parrots


Wanted to be a hacker and control traffic lights when he grew up


Won the Christmas costume contest by dressing up as a lobster


Keeps ants as pets 🐜 🐜 🐜


Is an actress in theater


If he was a mystical creature he would be a centaur


“Do you pick stuff up with your toes?”

Tweet us your answers! 😂


Makes awesome lino prints


Wanted to be a drummer


His biggest passion is philosophy


Has 31 tattoos


Loves llamas


Has tried to watch The Godfather 3x, but never finished it


Obsessed with podcasts


Almost became a flight attendant


Is really good at quacking 🦆


Draws incredible illustrations

Life a little less predictable

We believe that people exist outside of work hours. That’s why Prezly is not only 100% remote, it is also 100% flexible. Our team works from 13 countries all over the world, on their own terms. That’s a lot of Slack, Zoom, Linear, GitHub, Figma, Discourse, Notion... anything to help us collaborate. Interested in joining? Check out our careers page.