Hey there! We’re Prezly,
nice to meet you!

Hey there! *We’re Prezly*,
nice to meet you!

A letter from the founder

Back in 2010, I worked at an agency where sending campaigns to the press… well, it wasn’t pretty. Analytics were non-existent. Multimedia was hosted on FTP servers no journalist could ever access, and even small attachments made emails bounce. Working as a team on the same list of contacts? Forget about it. We decided to build something better. Over the next four years, Gijs and I spent our evenings and weekends building Prezly: a tool that made it easy to share multimedia campaigns with the press. PR teams loved it.

But that was only the beginning. In the years since, communication evolved, and our users evolved with it. They began to think bigger. Suddenly great PR meant more than sticking a press release on a newswire. PRs were leading on content creation, social media, events and so much more. And as our clients’ needs changed, so did the software. Today, you can use Prezly for all your contact lists, publish anything from press releases to e-mags, and share your stories with the people that matter most. And as the industry continues to evolve, so will we.

Jesse Wynants Prezly Co-Founder

Working at Prezly

Working at Prezly isn't just about the daily grind; it's about being part of something bigger. Here, we value camaraderie, collaboration, and creativity above all else. See open positions ->

1. Results, not hours

How much time you spend in front of your computer does not mean anything about your value for the company. We care about results, so what really counts is measuring your impact on the company and your team.

3. Be the best version of yourself

Push yourself to be the best version of yourself. Read, think, learn and improve. Rinse and repeat. Every blog post we write, every feature we launch and every training we organise has to be an example of pure ‘craftsmanship’. We never stop learning because we know it's always possible to do better.

5. Collaborate

When things go well, we share the credit. When things go poorly, we shoulder responsibility. Collaborating while working remotely is challenging. We try to over-compensate by rigorously taking notes, setting up video calls, updating Linear projects, actively sharing knowledge. Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not by hoarding it.

2. Customer love

We want to bring solutions to our customers in the long term. Their success is crucial for our survival. We're always trying our hardest to make clients happy, so we go the extra mile and exceed their expectations: Every. Single. Day.

4. Autonomy

You can expect from the leadership to have a clear idea of where Prezly is going, and they will provide a roadmap on how to get there. But it's up to everyone take ownership, figure-shit-out, ship, evaluate, iterate and improve.

6. One (small) step at a time

We keep things simple by working hard to remove complexity. If we want to make a big impact, we need to start small. Making mistakes is part of making progress, and we learn from each and every one. Working on a ground-breaking idea? Don’t lock yourself up and work on it for two weeks to prepare and get it perfect. Start with the simplest MVP and go from there.

Christian IglesiasChristianAmericas Support Specialist
Christian Iglesias

Americas Support Specialist from Uruguay

Jesse Wynants
Dein LopezDeinAPAC Support Specialist
Dein Lopez

APAC Support Specialist from Philippines

Kate BystrovaKateChief Storyteller
Kate Bystrova

Chief Storyteller from United Kingdom

Jasper FlourJasperGrowth Marketer
Jasper Flour

Growth Marketer from Portugal

Hugo Felix
Gijs NelissenGijsCo-Founder
Gijs Nelissen

Co-Founder from Belgium

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