150+ Outstanding Press Release Examples

Be inspired by some of the best press releases from the world's top brands, published with Prezly.

*150+ Outstanding* Press Release Examples

How to write a great press release

After more than ten years in the world of PR, we've seen what makes a great press release. We're not necessarily experts, but our clients sure are.

So we combed through hundreds upon thousands of our clients' work to find the very best press release examples, which are assembled for you to rifle through below.

We've also distilled the key learnings from these press releases into a guide for creating the most incredible, engaging press release announcement possible.

You can read the full guide here, but here are the four basics ->

1. Figure out your headline The headline is the first thing a journalist sees and it has one job: to get them to read more. Here's how to make it good. 2. Include multimedia Multimedia press releases get up to 9.7x as many views as those using text alone. Including images within your press release doubles the chance of it getting noticed; video quadruples it. 3. Make more than one version I know, writing even one press release makes you want to defenestrate something. But it can pay to draft a few different angles on your story to fit different audiences. 4. Start with a press release template Hey, nobody said you had to start from scratch! Download a free press release template and get the lowdown on how to structure your story.

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More than 100,000 stories were published with Prezly in 2023. Here are a couple hundred of the very best to inspire your next great press release.

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