Press Release Guide 2022: How to write & pitch like a pro

A library of resources containing everything you need to write the best press release, from top industry examples to templates that suit any taste.

Defining your audience

Before you can write a masterful press release, you need a clear picture of who you're writing it for. I don't just mean a particular publication or sector; you need to think about the audience that your contacts are creating content for. Find an angle that appeals to them and you've done the journalist's (blogger's, YouTuber's...) work for them.

These articles will give you a grounding in how you should think about your press release and the story you want to tell.

Your Press Release is the beginning of the story, not the end ▸

How to write a fashion press release that sparks a movement (Case Study) ▸

Writing your press release

Press release examples

The best way to learn is through experience; the second-best way to learn is from the experience of others. In this chapter, you'll find collated more than 150 of the best press release examples from brands around the world. We've divided the collection into categories to help you find the examples most relevant to you.

155 examples of the best press release examples ▸

Press release examples by sector

Arts & culture press release examples ▸

Automotive press release examples ▸

Events press release examples ▸

Food & beverage press release examples ▸

Gaming press release examples ▸

Nonprofit press release examples ▸

Public institutions press release examples ▸

Retail press release examples ▸

Sports press release examples ▸

Technology press release examples ▸

A press release for any occasion

Every piece of news, every announcement is different – and that's before we look at industry dynamics. Use the resources in this chapter to get familiar with the trends and practices that best relate to your niche.

How to write a company launch press release (and the biggest mistakes to avoid) ▸

How to write a fashion press release that sparks a movement (Case Study) ▸

How to write a press release for your event according to the experts (with real-life examples) ▸

Press release for a (new) product with examples ▸

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