The Best Technology Press Release Examples

Wondering what to include in a press release for the tech industry? Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a fresh-faced startup, our top-performing technology press release examples will teach you the industry’s best practice.

The Best *Technology* Press Release Examples

What is a tech press release?

A technology press release does what it says on the beautifully designed, minimalist packaging: announces tech news. Normally that involves a mix of sleek images, hyperbole, and tech specifications. And a lot of space gray.

The most common type of tech press release is a product launch announcement, but you'll also see stories about partnerships, research, and events.

While software is a subset of technology, for the purpose of clarity we'll focus here on physical technological products and the brands that build them.

See also, software press release examples.

Whatever your announcement, here are a few elements common to the most talked about tech press releases.

  • Stunning hi-res product images
  • In-situ photos (aspirational, show the product in use)
  • Spec sheet with the technical details
  • Context of how your product stacks up against the latest tech advancements
  • Compatibility with existing tools
  • Localized regional info (release dates, price)
  • Availability and stockists
  • Review sample opportunity
  • Existing reviews and unboxings (bonus points for embedding social media posts from the reviewer)

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