Sizzling Hot Software Press Release Examples

Learn how to write press releases editors and reporters want to read with our top-performing multimedia software press release examples.

Sizzling Hot *Software* Press Release Examples

What is a software press release?

This is a press release issued by a software company to tell their brand story. Normally it will concern things like new features, product launches, changes in leadership, community events, acquisitions, and so on.

Depending on the software, that can be pretty dry. But software has a secret weapon that more generic industries struggle to pin down: nerds.

"Nerds" is just another way to say "fans", and they're amazing, because not only are they usually subject-matter experts in your brand's area, they're also the ones actively using your software – and they care about your updates. They want you to build the new feature that'll save them a few seconds every morning, they want to be involved in shaping how your product will work a year from now.

That sort of enthusiastic involvement is virtually a superpower. ("Virtually" because software, get it? Hyuk hyuk.)

As well as following the standard advice around what makes a great press release, there are some things you as a software PR pro might want to keep in mind:

  • Technical language. Balancing this for your audience can be hard – make it too obscure, and you'll ostracize broader media; too simplified, and you'll lose your core audience of tech nerds
  • Feature announcements. A new feature needs context, so always frame any new features with how they fit into your users' experience
  • Split your mailing lists. Do not use a "one size fits all" approach – that can be better phrased "one size fits no-one". Talking about AI? Target tech journos. Announcing a merger? Maybe gear it towards business outlets

Manage the above issues by creating multiple communication streams, or different versions of your press release depending on who you're targeting.

Take a look at some of the examples below for inspiration.

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