How to build a solid PR strategy for 2021

A solid strategy is the very basis of great PR – but much like New Year's resolutions, it can be tricky to stick with in the long term. That's why this January, Laura Sutherland and Gini Dietrich are here to help. Join us to learn:

  • How to use data to inform your comms strategy for 2021

  • How to plan effective content with the PESO model

  • How to set & measure realistic goals


Pitching to podcasts

Podcasting is the world's fastest-growing content medium and it will only get bigger. So how can you get a slice of the action? Join podcaster, TV host and all-round Media Maven Christina Nicholson to learn:

  • Why podcasts are the #1 way to grow your brand

  • How to pitch podcasts for you & your clients

  • Essential gear & how to start

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Tips from the field: Making your email pitch land

This episode's guests are masters of pitching, able to pinpoint the right audience and curate any story to their interests. Join Jacob Hauge and Karen Schellekens to learn:

  • How to build an effective pitching list

  • The best way to personalize your pitch

  • How (and when) to follow up


How writers want to be pitched

How do writers WANT to be pitched? To find out, we've invited writers Kelsey Ogletree and Holly Brockwell to share their perspective on what they look for when they open their inbox. Join us to learn:

  • What editors look for in a pitch

  • How to start a conversation

  • How writers pitch their stories


How to pitch to anyone

This episode's expert guest is Dmitry Dragilev, whose DIY PR took his startup from 0 to 40m+ pageviews and got it acquired by Google. Join us to learn:

  • How to find journalists looking for stories and sources

  • How to write a subject line that gets 70% opens

  • How to pitch to podcasts and webinars


Keeping your contact lists current

Join us as we discuss the findings of the Global PR Survey 2020 with experts Manon Gerlo and Paulo Senra, and learn:

  • How to organise your media lists to save hours on updates

  • How to find journalists who are looking for stories

  • How to keep up comms during the pandemic


Taking your PR team remote

Transitioning from office life to working remotely takes more than just Zoom. Join experts Jaspar Eyears from Another Company and Sigrid Somers from KU Leuven to learn:

  • How Jaspar's taken his 150-strong team remote

  • How Sigrid manages media relations amidst COVID19

  • What will help comms teams adapt over coming months


What can we learn from gaming PR?

Join us to find out what makes Chris Bond and Marion Muller excel at PR in the world of gaming, and how you can use their strategies for your business. You'll learn:

  • How to use gaming PR strategy in your industry

  • How to achieve global outreach with a small team

  • How to look beyond journalists to get the word out


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