Taking your PR team remote

Transitioning from office life to working remotely takes more than just Zoom. As a business that’s been operating remotely for years, we want to help.

In this PR Roundtable you'll learn:

  • What tools & tactics will help you collaborate

  • How to maintain relationships in a time of crisis

  • How to prepare for the coming weeks & months


How to run comms in a pandemic

For the majority of PRs, the shift to working remotely has not been an easy one – particularly with events and projects being put on hold left, right and centre.

That's why we've invited two expert speakers to share their experience of taking their comms teams remote in an online event chaired by our very own founder, who's been running a remote team for the past five years.

Join us for our latest PR Roundtable to share in the tips, trials and titillating tales involved in going remote. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and meet fellow PR professionals negotiating these unknown waters.

Because now more than ever, it's time for collaboration.

This episode aired on 7 April 2020.

Jaspar Eyears

Jaspar is CEO of the PR, comms and marketing agency Another Company, where he heads up a team of 150 spread across multiple countries and industries, from fashion to pharma, tourism to consumer tech.

"We were fairly well prepared as 100% of our systems are cloud based and nothing is localized to any specific office. Most of those systems are working well, however, best practices are necessary in structuring your routine at home as you would at the office."


Sigrid Somers

KU Leuven is leading Belgium’s charge against COVID-19, with professors regularly appearing in the news to share a scientific perspective on the pandemic. Meanwhile, they are going to great lengths in their search for a vaccine and antiviral medicines to fight the virus, all while trying to understand the epidemic as much as possible to give the best advice on preventative measures.

Add to that the university’s sudden transition to virtual learning, and the need for effective media relations and press communication becomes all the more apparent. As the team coordinating press and policy communications at the university, Sigrid and her colleagues have had their hands full.

“I am so proud of my team for continuing to manage such a huge amount of work in these extreme circumstances. Cloud technology plays a big part in how we run communications, and that has certainly been a great advantage in coordinating this sudden switch.”


Jesse Wynants

As always, your host will be our very own founder and CEO, Jesse Wynants. Together with co-founder Gijs, Jesse has worked to build a fully remote team here at Prezly.

It took a lot of trial and error, as well as testing out just about every collaboration tool on the market, but today we have an effective team of 17 people working across 13 different countries.


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