A more user-friendly Prezly

Today, we're happy to release some of the improvements we have been working on. The main eye-catcher a new look for the Prezly app, but there are many more improvements that mean a big step forward in making Prezly more user-friendly.

Rebranding and accessibility improvements

Recently, our website was treated to a new lick of paint. Naturally, the app couldn't stay behind, so it now reflects our new colors, typography, and logo.

But that's not all we've done. Our goal is and always will be to make Prezly as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible. For everyone. To that end, we've greatly improved typography, contrast and performance, making for a lightning fast experience that's easy on the eyes.

Localized language selection & better subscription management

Prezly customers are not the only ones using Prezly. The people they reach out to also interact with Prezly on a regular basis: receiving email pitches, reading stories, gathering assets,...

It's our mission to make Prezly just as user-friendly as we try to make it for our customers.

That's why, when switching languages on a newsroom, people can now see the language options listed in the local language. For example, Spanish becomes Español, and French becomes Français.

Along with that, unsubscribed contacts can now resubscribe via your newsroom. They can also unsubscribe from all communications (as opposed to unsubscribing from just one specific newsroom), and they can leave a reason for unsubscribing.

And of course, all of that information will be available to you on the detailed contact profiles. unsubscribed

Coming up

Related stories

Your visitors will soon be shown stories relating to the one they are reading on your newsrooms. Helping keep your influencers find the story they want to share.

Story tags and categories

For our pro and enterprise customers, soon we will be introducing a new way to manage your categories within Prezly and on your newsrooms.

Improved image uploading

We are testing a faster, more flexible way for you to upload images, manage image galleries and even import from your favourite services such as Flickr, Dropbox and more.