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How can you get the best engagement from your contacts? By turning them into your loyal fans.

Prezly gives you the tools to grow your relationships and tell your story to those who can't wait to hear it.

What started as an all-in-one software solution for PR teams has grown into a communications platform for anyone looking to own their content and connect with their audience.

It's like having an iPad. Prezly just works.
– D'Ieteren case study

Our software comprises a CRM, newsroom publisher, campaigns and coverage logging.

Though our publisher was originally designed for newsroom publication – hence the name – our members have found a dozen other ways to take advantage of the feature. From internal comms hubs to investor report sites, blogs to newsletters, galleries and even our very own Help Center, your Prezly newsroom can be whatever you can imagine. That's why we're building them out to be even more flexible. ​

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For our vision, please see our about page.

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Kate Bystrova

Kate Bystrova

Chief Storyteller, Prezly


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