New release: Story versioning 📝

View a full history of changes made to your stories or restore previous versions

New release: Story versioning 📝

At Prezly, we believe that even the best writers can make mistakes, but we're here to ensure those slip-ups don't slow you down. We're happy to announce our new Story Versioning feature, designed to make your writing process smoother, more confident, and hassle-free.

Here's what you need to know:

Improved Undo and Redo Commands 🧹

Prezly now supports common undo and redo keybindings, just like any other text editor. No need to fret about accidental changes! With a simple [Cmd/Ctrl] + [Z] for undo and [Cmd/Ctrl] + [Y] for redo, you can swiftly revert or restore content, ensuring your story remains exactly as you want it and mistakes are easily resolved.

Explore the New Version History 🕰️

Ever wished you could turn back time on your story? Well, now you can!

Our new version history feature allows you to effortlessly save and restore versions of your story and revert to them when needed.

A single click opens a panel displaying a snapshot of your current story version and a list of all your saved versions, making it a breeze to revert to a previous version. Additionally, you can now create new stories from your past story versions.

Learn all about how version history works in this straightforward help article.

Access Up to a Year of Story Version History 🗓️

Depending on your subscription plan, you'll have various timeframes for accessing older versions. Starter users can roll back to previous versions within the past 24 hours, Core users enjoy a generous 7-day version history, and Premium/Agency plans allow for restoring story versions up to 90 days old. But that's not all—our valued Enterprise customers enjoy a full year of version history access.

With Prezly's Story Versioning, you have the tools to write confidently, knowing that mistakes can easily be corrected and your story is always within your control. Upgrade your writing experience and make the most of your creative journey with Prezly!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to contact our support team!

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