two-is-a-crowd - How Two Is A Crowd used Prezly to set up a digital press kit

How a game-changing agency turned their Prezly newsroom into a digital press kit

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Hello and welcome to another feature insights, a series of bitesize videos to help you make the most of your Prezly subscription.

Today's topic: press kits.

Press kits are a fantastic resource for any brand as they give any journalist or visitor to your newsroom a simple way of getting the info they need, fast.

We spoke with Manon Acke, founder of the incredible Two Is A Crowd, about how she converted her Prezly newsroom into a fully kitted out digital press kit.

"I find it very, very, very handy that I can have just one place where journalists can go to and I can link them to – so there's one place where I can add all the pictures in high-resolution, videos, the website."

Manon's spot on – by assembling all of your media assets, press releases and contact details in a single newsroom, you create a centralized hub for your brand that your audience can refer to again and again.

"Journalists, when I send something, they know it's always written well, that the pictures are there, that all the information is there. So I think that for them is a reason to publish my news," says Manon.

"I know that a few PR professionals are working with Dropbox and all these different extra tools. But for me, it's just perfect that it's one tool that combines everything."

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