How Crytek turned their newsroom into a digital press kit

We speak with CRYENGINE's Gabriel Yakir Ketteler about digital press kits & how an integrated newsroom helps Crytek stay organized across countless sub-brands

Hello and welcome to Feature Insights. Today's topic: how you can use your newsroom as a digital press kit.

This is something that's super easy to do, and that creates an invaluable resource for your business and for anyone looking to tell your story.

To get some key insights on why having a readily available press kit for your brand is so important, we spoke with Gabriel Yakir Ketteler, who manages communications for one of the biggest names in gaming: Crytek's CRYENGINE.

Crytek is a perfect example of a company that has many different sub-brands under its umbrella, from countless gaming titles to its legendary CRYENGINE.

As a global name with expansive reach, it's important for Crytek to have all the assets journalists could want easily available online.

Gabriel Yakir Ketteler
Gabriel Yakir KettelerCrytek

We work with people all over the world in different time zones, and for us it's important that we make it easier for journalists to find what they need when they are writing an article.

Having all your digital assets easy-to-find online is a smart move for any brand, since it gives you the ability to keep your narrative high quality and consistent – even when it's other people telling your story.

And here is where building your press kit as part of your newsroom really makes sense.

Your newsroom gives people the ability not only to see your latest stories and download those up-to-date assets, it also gives them bios, contact details and the option to sign up to hear about your future updates.

And it isn't just journalists and influencers that benefit from having access to your digital assets. Having a press kit makes it so much easier for you to share branded material with your partners.

Gabriel Yakir Ketteler
Gabriel Yakir KettelerCrytek

I'm not just using it to share assets with journalists. Whenever [our indie developers] use the engine for their games, I can easily give them the link to the newsroom and then the press kit, and they can download it and use it in their own marketing materials. So that's actually super cool.

So to recap, by having CRYENGINE's press kit nested within the newsroom, Gabriel is able to cater to all his prospective media audiences, not just journalists.

But of course, that's not all.

Crytek take it a step further by using the Prezly API to integrate their many newsrooms into their website, which gives their domain an SEO boost as well as helping to centralize their content. Or as Gabriel puts it, "It's good because we have full control over everything."

Gabriel Yakir Ketteler
Gabriel Yakir KettelerCrytek

We still have all the benefits of Prezly as a tool, but we also have full control over how we set up our website.

So, have we convinced you?

Creating a press kit as part of your newsroom couldn't be simpler. To get started, head over to our Help Center where you can find the article "How to turn your newsroom into a digital press kit" for a handy overview.

That's it from me! See you next time on Feature Insights 😉

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