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Your press release needs a permalink

Aaah, good old urls. We use them daily, we all know how they work. But seldom do we take the time to reflect on how important they actually are.

Every url is a key that opens one specific door. Behind that door you’ll find a certain bit of content. This can be an article, an image, a video or in our case a social media press release. If you don’t have a url, you don’t exist on the world wide web. It all starts with that.

You can’t take this lightly. Having an url for your social media press release has many advantages:

  • Your press release instantly becomes part of the world wide web and will be findable. If we take a look at all the Prezly social media releases we see that 40% of traffic comes from a search engine.
  • People can refer to your press release in a conversation. This reference aspect is quite important, especially since social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are doing so well. 30% of traffic on our press releases come from external sites mostly Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • A permalink never changes or breaks. You can bookmark it, you can link to it. As long as you have the URL you’ll have access to the content.
  • An archive is only important in the future. If you don’t see the need for it now, it will be important in the future. You can read the history of a brand or organisation by looking at their press release archive.
  • A url is something all devices understand, almost all new devices shipped these days have some kind of browser integrated into its systems. So once you have a url it will be accessible on most devices now and in the future.

That’s why we’re going further than social media press release distribution via e-mail with Prezly. That’s just one channel. At the core of our service is the social media press release with it’s own permalink. It’s shareable via any channel you can think of and will be there till the end of times.

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