I sent a campaign to myself, so why can't I see it in my inbox?

Short answer: speak with your IT team

Sometimes you'll want to include yourself in a campaign test for peace of mind, only to find that the campaign you sent to yourself never arrived.

Most of the time, this is down to your company's internal server settings.

Receiving an email from your own address – or the company domain – could look fishy to the folks down in IT, so they may have set up a filter to catch out such messages. This is also one reason that an email you send to your own address from Prezly could end up in your junk folder rather than your inbox.

If you experience a problem receiving a campaign test or mailing from Prezly, please contact your company IT team to see if they are the ones blocking it; most of the time, there is nothing we can do on our side.

See also: Why didn't I receive the test email?

However, if you're concerned that a campaign you've sent has not been delivered to your contacts, one of the following links might help you:

Or contact our support team :)

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