The 20+ best PR & comms thought leaders to follow in 2024

The 20+ best PR & comms thought leaders to follow in 2024

Trying to find PR and comms inspiration on your social media feeds? Look no further than the following thought leaders who will keep you abreast of all things PR, comms, and marketing.

What is a "thought leader"?

For those who aren't aware of this quite jargon-y term, a thought leader is at the top of their industry and shares their perspectives, wisdom, and expertise on a topic within said industry. Thought leaders aren't just "people who do PR". Thought leaders specifically take time out of their day to help other people do PR better. This can be through sharing and amplifying content, sending out helpful tips, or building community spaces.

We also know that public relations and comms professionals wear many hats throughout the course of a day, and PR professionals are not a monolith. Many are agency, freelance, in-house. PR spans every conceivable industry and niche. PR folks are increasingly expected to be content writers, digital marketers, web developers, social media managers, and more.

This list reflects the many hats of PR and includes a sprinkling of marketing, copywriting, and SEO voices so we can all be our best, most well-rounded professional selves.

A few notes

Before we dive in, here are a few things to note before perusing:

  1. This list is not comprehensive. There are many PR thought leaders out there making big moves that we haven't even heard of yet.
  2. This list is not in order. We didn't rank anyone; we're just here to appreciate the good vibes of the creators.
  3. This list isn't done. We'll keep adding, updating, and developing the list as we discover more industry thought leaders. If you have a suggestion, send it our way!

The top PR thought leaders to follow


Michelle Garrett

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Topics: Freelance, PR, writing, B2B

Why you should follow: PR consultant Michelle Garrett is a staple of PR Twitter as well as the LinkedIn community. Not only does she share her thoughts on freelancing, writing, public relations, and everything in between, but she also runs the #FreelanceChat LinkedIn group.


Frank Strong

Topics: PR, B2B tech, content marketing

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Why you should follow: Follow Frank if you enjoy discussing comms, finding new PR articles, and digesting unique perspectives on hot topics. He releases a monthly roundup of goings-on in public relations. We personally find his takes on social media and AI to be quite enjoyable to read.


Tonya McKenzie

Topics: Reputation management, podcasting, leadership

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Why you should follow: Tonya is a podcaster, PR pro, author, and speaker who shares about all things reputation and communications on her social media. Tonya is great to follow for tips on having a successful PR relationship and talks candidly about the importance of good PR.


Michelle Glogovac

Topics: Podcasting, PR

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Why you should follow: Podcasting is bigger than ever. It's also a great way to get eyes (or, more accurately, ears) on your brand. Michelle Glogovac is a publicist, author, and podcast enthusiast. She shares insider tips and tricks about leveraging the power of podcasts for your (or your brand's) message, and she recently released a new book on the topic, "How To Get on Podcasts."


Rich Leigh

Topics: PR, marketing

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Why you should follow: Follow Rich to gain insights into PR in the modern, technology-driven world. His feed is a little bit funny and a little bit informative (a mixture we enjoy). We're also big fans of his side project @famouscampaigns, which showcases creative, inspiring, and thought-provoking marketing and PR campaigns from around the world.


Christina Nicholson

Topics: Media, podcasting,

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Why you should follow: Podcast host, PR consultant, author, TV journalist – what doesn't Christina do? Follow her for advice and tips about landing legacy and digital media opportunities for clients. If social media isn't enough inspo, she also has a newsletter and regular podcast (details on her website).

💡 Watch our PR Roundtable with Christina about how to pitch your clients to podcasts!


Amith Prabhu

Topics: Reputation management, public relations

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Why you should follow: Amith literally wrote the book on reputation management. As our work lives and personal lives slowly merge into one, thanks to the ubiquity of the internet and the importance of us regular human nobodies to "be a brand", the need for reputation management has never been greater.

The power of storytelling in business & PR (or, How to make people fall in love)
The power of storytelling in business & PR (or, How to make people fall in love)

With your business, not with each other. That would be creepy.

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Big success!



Topics: Strategy, media relations, public relations

Platforms: X

Why you should follow: Sarolta is a fantastic follow if you're looking for tips, tricks, and advice from a PR perspective. She also hosts the regular #MediaRelationsChat. She shares inspiration for PR professionals to do their jobs with even more strategic pizzazz.



Gini Dietrich

Topics: Content, media, public relations

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Why you should follow: It would be impossible for us not to include the Spin Sucks maven herself, Gini Dietrich. Follow Gini for interesting articles and bits of inspiration from the comms world.

💡 Watch our PR Roundtable episode with Gini, where she talks about the importance of good PR strategy!


Fi Shailes

Topics: Strategy, content, freelance

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Why you should follow: High-quality content is more important than ever. If you want advice on creating the best content and copy possible for your clients or brand, give Fi a follow.


Tolulope Olorundero

Topics: Communications, B2B, PR

Platforms: X, LinkedIn

Why you should follow: Advice and insight on B2B comms from a professional in the business. Follow Tolulope as she shares industry insights, resources, and advice.


Neal Schaffer

Topics: Digital marketing, content, social media

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Why you should follow: Neal shares insights and advice about connecting with customers through the power of digital marketing and social media. He talks often about content, AI, personal branding, and more.


Neil Patel

Topics: SEO, digital marketing, search

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Why you should follow: Neil Patel is a constant source of well-researched insights into digital marketing, SEO, and data-driven strategy. He helps you grow your marketing skills and use data to inform said marketing skills. Cool guy.


Tressa Robbins

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Topics: Social media, PR industry, tech in PR

Why you should follow: Tressa shares engaging PR and agency life perspectives. Her feed is filled with snippets and resources around modernizing your PR efforts with the constantly evolving technological advances.


Bill Byrne

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, Instagram, website

Topics: Public relations, comms, real talk

Why you should follow: Bill shares his unfiltered thoughts on the state of comms and PR. His is a refreshingly honest look at an industry that often sugarcoats the BS.


Stephen Waddington

Their platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Topics: PR, management, comms

Why you should follow: Advisor. Instructor. PhD student. What isn't Stephen Waddington doing in the world of PR? If you're looking for a man who has his finger on the pulse of modern PR, look no further.

💡 Watch our PR Roundtable with Stephen as we break down the day's biggest stories.


Ron Culp

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Topics: PR, comms education

Why you should follow: Ron Culp is a PR consultant and educator who often discusses all things PR, but often with an emphasis on students, ongoing education, and mastering the basics. Follow Ron for a levelheaded take on the hottest topics.


Kami Huyse

Platforms: X, LinkedIn,

Topics: Social media, PR, community building

Why you should follow: Kami dives into many relevant topics in today's PR – community, strategy, visibility, content, and more.


Deirdre Breakenridge

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Topics: PR, strategy, marketing

Why you should follow: Follow Deirdre to learn more about the intersection of marketing, PR, and social. She shares resources and advice about leveling up your communication in the digital age.


Stuart Bruce

Platforms: X, LinkedIn, website

Topics: PR, AI, futurism, tech

Why you should follow: Curious how the PR industry is changing with modern tech? Stuart Bruce talks all things futurism and PR on his socials, and he's a great person to follow to know what's coming up next in the industry.


Our list is far from comprehensive because the internet is vast. We are relying on you, dear reader, to let us know who we missed and who should be added to the list.

Please share your thoughts with us on X or send us an email, and we will be happy to take a look. If your favorite thought leader inspires us, we will consider throwing them on the list.

For more ongoing education inspiration, check out our 15 favorite PR blogs and our top comms newsletters!

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