Our 10 favorite PR and comms newsletters for ongoing education in 2024

Our 10 favorite PR and comms newsletters for ongoing education in 2024

Keep your brain sharp with these top PR, marketing, and comms newsletters

Communications is not an industry where you can learn a skill once and do your job the exact same way, in perpetuity, until retirement. In fact, some could argue that comms is one of the most dynamic, changing fields out there. Many people in comms are struggling to keep up with AI coming to destroy our jobs, an ever-increasing push toward analytics, and the constant ebb and flow of digital marketing.

A healthy dose of ongoing education is mandatory for every PR, marketing, and communications professional. Is there anything worse than seeing someone fail to adapt and try to use a cringe marketing tactic that is years outdated and that everyone mocks now? The secondhand embarrassment is so real. 

So, don’t be a laughingstock to your 45 X followers (yes, it’s called X now, and we all hate it). Think of these comms newsletters as a shot of educational caffeine to invigorate you and keep you fresh so you can take on the next PR crisis (or Twitter rebranding).

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The best PR newsletters

Wadds Inc. newsletter

Stephen Waddington is a heavy-hitter in the PR world. He’s an active thought leader on Twitter, a not-for-profit PR school founder, and a public relations professional advisor, so you know he knows his stuff.

Every week, Stephen sends out his popular Monday Briefing, breaking down the latest news in the PR world.

Frequency: Every Monday

Subscribe: Wadds Substack


Spin Sucks


We’ve previously discussed Gini Dietrich’s blog (and interviewed her as part of our Roundtable series), but did you know Gini also has a newsletter? Get digests of all things PR straight to your inbox with the Spin Sucks newsletter.

Subscribe to Spin Sucks by entering your email address at the bottom of this page.


PR Week

PR Week is an industry powerhouse with several newsletters to subscribe to, depending on your niche or area of interest. There are Daily Dashboards for the generalist, Breaking News Alerts for the crisis comms consumer, the Weekender for those who just want the highlights, Healthcare Daily for those in the medical industry, and more.

Since I like my PR newsletters to have actual news rather than, well, PR, I subscribe to PR Week. Most other outlets are simply a way for PR companies to sell more services. PR Week is actual journalism about our industry and that's what I like about it. Their coverage is broad, nuanced, modern, and relevant. I can count on being up to date of the latest news and trends, while also getting some deep dives into topics I wouldn't always expect. I've done my rounds of newsletters and blogs, and there's nothing else out there that's even remotely on the same level.

Sean McAlindin, Marketing & Sales SpecialistMaking That Sale

Frequency: Varies (daily, weekend, weekly)

Subscribe: PR weekly email bulletins


The best marketing newsletters

Morning Brew (and Marketing Brew)

Morning Brew brings you all the day's highlights from a business, money, and tech perspective. They also have different "Brew" categories, including Healthcare Brew, HR Brew, and (our favorite) Marketing Brew.

Marketing Brew looks at the day's biggest news through the lens of a top-tier marketer. Sure, the headlines are entertaining, but what can we learn from them as communications professionals? In addition to hot headline takes, they also share insights and wisdom related to all things marketing and comms straight to your inbox. 

Morning Brew is far and away one of my favorite daily newsletters that offers the day’s developments, recent news, and tips and tricks on how to have a more productive day and fulfilling career.

I used to solely use CNN’s Five Things for my news, but I found that I was wanting more from my morning newsletter. With a Google search, I found Morning Brew, previewed a newsletter, and found that this is the one for me..

I enjoy how the newsletter keeps you in the loop with politics, business, finance, and leisure. For example their latest newsletter highlighted Target’s closing across the US, the Hollywood writer’s strike, and the Taylor Swift film. At the bottom, there was a list of to-do’s that are actionable tips to make your day better and your workday more productive.

Jonathan Kelly, SEO Manager1st on the List

Frequency: Daily, M–F

Subscribe: Marketing Brew


Pretty Little Marketer


If you’re looking for a marketing newsletter with a dash of aesthetic girliness, look no further than Pretty Little Marketers. PLM’s Sophie shares her thoughts and insights on marketing, branding, social media, freelancing, and more through her weekly newsletter.

Frequency: Weekly

Subscribe: Pretty Little Marketer


The Almost Timely Newsletter

Data fiend Christopher S. Penn shares weekly thoughts on analytics, marketing, AI, and tech. His weekly roundup features thought-provoking links and tweets, insights from the industry, and other bits and bobs straight from Christopher himself. 

Take a gander at the Roundtable interview with him regarding the state of tech in PR (and everything the industry needs to work on to stay relevant in today’s digital landscape). Yeah, it’s a good one. 

Frequency: Weekly

Subscribe: Almost Timely




Run by marketing legend and bestselling author Ann Handley, MarketingProfs provides tips, insights, and deep dives into the world of marketing. And, as a bonus, you can see all the archives of the previous newsletters on the website going back to 2001!

Ann Handley also has a separate newsletter called Total Annarchy, where she shares insights into not only marketing but writing and content as well. How does she find the time?!

As a Chief Marketing Officer, one of my favorite newsletters for ongoing education and career development in PR, marketing, and communications is MarketingProfs. One fantastic feature of this newsletter is its practical marketing tips. It's like getting bite-sized, actionable advice delivered to your inbox regularly. These tips are easy to understand and apply, making complex marketing strategies more accessible. Whether it's improving your social media engagement or crafting compelling email campaigns, you'll find straightforward guidance to enhance your marketing skills. It's like having a trusted marketing coach sharing valuable insights with you, helping you stay on top of your game and advance your career in a user-friendly way.

Kurt Uhlir, Chief Marketing OfficerKurtuhlir

Frequency: Daily

Subscribe: MarketingProfs


ICYMI by Lia Haberman

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) brings you the latest in the world of social media. This newsletter is perfect if you want to know what’s trending without spending hours endlessly scrolling on your phone when you should be working (not that we can relate, of course). 

Frequency: Weekly

Subscribe: ICYMI


The Daily Carnage

The Daily Carnage sends out nibbles of information from daily hot topics and lessons to be gleaned from what’s trending. Plus, there’s a roundup of new and insightful articles in the world of comms, as well as takeaways from “what we learned” throughout the week. It’s a neat way to stay up-to-date without ever leaving your inbox. 

Frequency: Daily

Subscribe: The Daily Carnage


The Marketing Dive

If marketing news and headline breakdowns are your jam, the Marketing Dive might be your new favorite newsletter. They pull interesting stories from digital and traditional advertising campaigns to discuss what works (and what doesn’t). 

Frequency: Varies (daily, weekly)

Subscribe: Marketing Dive


Newsletters are fabulous for ongoing education, keeping updated with the latest industry news, and as a spark of inspiration during a hectic work day. Did we miss your favorite? Send us an email or give us a shout on X, and we will take a look and consider adding it to the list. 

Katelynn Sortino

Katelynn Sortino

Storyteller, Prezly


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