Sketchnotes of Public Relations presentations

I usually doodle during presentations and meetings. Not because I’m not interested in what’s happening. On the contrary. Making visual summaries  helps me retain more of what was said.

An additional benefit of making visual notes of presentations is that afterwards you can share it with others.

So here you go: here are visual summaries (or sketchnotes) of a bunch of Public Relations presentations of the past years.

What Paul Holmes learned stealing ideas from PR people

Communication 2020 – Spokesperson conference in Brussels


#FuturePR – Identify your PR specialism

Communication 2020 – Another spokesperson conference in Brussels


The Public Relations show 2013


ICCO – The Future of PR


PRCA – The Future of PR


Media relations for the 21th century


That’s it so far.

I’m always happy to come to Public Relations presentations to make summaries. Feel free to invite me over. You can find me on Twitter as fritsbits.

Frederik Vincx

Frederik helps communication teams improve workflow. He is the co-founder of story management software Prezly and the publisher of the crowd-sourced PRstack catalog of 250+ PR tools.