Improved rankings for custom press room domains

In the past, many of our press rooms using a custom domain have encountered issues with multiple versions of the same content on different URLS. For example Proximity/BBDO is using a custom press room domain, at the same time Prezly still hosts the “normal” press room url ( This creates two problems:

  1. Search engines don’t know which version to rank (trust, authority, link juice,…) for query results. It just keeps it separated between both of your press rooms
  2. The same content is available on two different locations, making it hard to give credit (rank) the “real” owner

When all of this happens, our customers suffer ranking and traffic losses, ultimately resulting in decreased visibility of your press release. Based on findings while monitoring the effectiveness of your Prezly press release in the search engines (read: google) we have decided to come up with a solution for that.

From now on all press rooms that use a custom domain are only available on the primary press room url. We will make sure all distribution of your release using prezly contains that same link. To make sure all “old” (already indexed) PR’s remain active we will redirect traffic to the corresponding pages (using a 301 redirect).

How does Prezly work?

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