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Tell your brand’s stories in full colour

Create effective press releases and publish them in a fully on-brand multimedia newsroom complete with all the assets your audience could want.

Everything on brand
Everything on brand

Set your style once and have it reflected in each story, pitch, campaign – no matter who's telling the story.

Photos, livestreams, tweets…
Photos, livestreams, tweets…

Prezly supports all media types, so you can create breathtaking stories that are as light as a feather.

Take control of your narrative
Take control of your narrative

Create a source of truth for your brand that your media contacts can refer to again and again.


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Create jawdropping stories

Loathe wasting hours fiddling about with multimedia uploads? So do we. That's why we've invested the past year into making the best editor on the market.

Draft your story straight in Prezly with lightning-fast media embedding, or copy-paste from anywhere – we'll even bring all your embedded media across so you don't have to spend time reuploading it :)


Embed anything

Your Prezly stories support pretty much any multimedia you want to throw at them, from staples such as galleries and videos, to modern must-haves – social posts, podcast episodes, Slideshare presentations, livestreams & more.

Let Prezly take care of the technicalities, and focus on creating captivating stories yourself.
Veerle Ausloos, formerly Museum M Leuven, now Press & Communication at Z33
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Make it easy for journalists

Built-in contact cards, a lightning-fast search function and unparalleled multimedia support make navigating your newsroom 100% frictionless.


Multimedia storytelling

If pictures speak louder than words, videos SHOUT. Here's how a few of our clients use multimedia to make readers sit up and listen.

More examples
Prezly makes it so easy to host press releases in a newsroom and have it be not only a one-time thing, but something that you can repurpose and create new pitches around constantly.
Matt Suckley, Phoenix Games
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Use stories to publish...

  • Press releases

  • Link-in-bio tool

  • Blog posts

  • Investor reports

  • Newsletters

  • Galleries

  • Internal news

  • Documentation & more


Speak their language

Need to localize your content? Easy – just use the dropdown menu to choose which language or locale you want to use and go from there.

We'll even bring across your assets so you don't need to spend time re-uploading them :)

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Control who can see each story and when using straightforward public, private & embargo settings.

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Use simple look & feel settings to brand your newsroom, upload your own CSS or go 100% white label.

Explore options

Embed all the assets you need, from stunning picture galleries to podcasts, livestreams & tweets.

Tell me more

Easily share your story through a campaign, social media or any way you want using our open API.

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Take control of your narrative

Need to make a secret crisis newsroom that's ready to go at the touch of a button? Or maybe you want to share a preview of your latest press release with a client, but need to be 100% sure that content stays under wraps?

Prezly puts you in control of who sees your content and when with simple visibility settings.

Our coverage increased exponentially after we implemented our Prezly newsroom properly and set it up on our website.
Isabell Cordes, gamigo group
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Isabell Cordess

Organize your content

Make it easy for journalists to find what they want by categorizing your stories and including a search bar that brings up accurate newsroom search results in a flash.


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