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Spend less time updating contact lists

Whether you’re running PR in-house or are part of a big agency, we have all the tools you need to ensure you deliver the right story to each contact, every time.

Create your own powerful contact base
Create your own powerful contact base

Build an enduring database of contacts with every email, note and coverage meticulously tracked.

Save time chasing updates & bad emails
Save time chasing updates & bad emails

Save hours each week with built-in contact enrichment and automated flags for bad emails.

Skyrocket your relationships by learning what works
Skyrocket your relationships by learning what works

See what pitches each person responds to and use that insight to earn greater results.


Spend less time updating contact lists

Prezly’s contact management makes keeping your lists up to date so, so much simpler – freeing you up to focus on nurturing those relationships.

Turn contacts into relationships

Prezly automatically tracks your team’s conversations with journalists; never again will you have to trawl your inbox searching for that one long-lost email chain. More than that, your team can leave private notes on each contact’s timeline making simple to remember those oh-so-important details that make your comms memorable.

Relationship management has never been so easy.


Use simple but powerful filters to keep all your contact lists up to date and easy to find.


Data shows that campaigns with personalised fields get more engagement. That’s why every Prezly account has mail-merging built in.


Prezly will tell you which contacts need your attention, making it easier than ever to keep those contact lists clean.


Let us find key details to help you enrich your contact base, including job titles, websites, social media profiles and more.

No more spreadsheets

“But I love using Excel, it’s just so straightforward and fun!” – said no one, ever. 

Get yourself a management system you actually enjoy using. Prezly gives you all the power of contact tracking with none of the admin. Organise your lists by location, industry, beat or add your own tags. We put you in control.

Your audience on social

Prezly finds essential details about your contacts such as job titles, social media profiles and location details. Simply import your contact list and we will automatically start digging.

We also put you in control: you decide which details to keep.

Keep your contact lists up to date

Spending hours sifting through numerous spreadsheets to find the latest phone number?

Prezly will tell you which contacts need your attention. Identify contacts with incorrect email addresses and get informed about potential dupes to keep your contact lists clean.

We now really understand our stakeholders. It's no longer one-way communication, it's a dialogue.
Thomas De Meûter, PR Manager at Audi
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Discover more features


Publish your most important stories in fully branded newsrooms, complete with all the multimedia assets your audience could want.


Get better results by sending targeted campaigns to your most important contacts and seeing how they engage with your content.


Prezly links each news piece with an author, outlet and story, so you can get performance data and report in just a few clicks.

Are you looking for a media database?

Proud to be trusted by hundreds of comms teams worldwide

With Prezly, it’s easy to keep track of a lot of journalists at once and create specialised campaigns just for specific contacts.
Isabell Cordes, gamigo group
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