Link, track & report coverage

Save time on reporting. Prezly links each news piece with an author, outlet and press release, so you can get performance data and report in just a few clicks.

Link your coverage to your database
Link your coverage to your database

See precisely how you won every piece of coverage and build on each success.

Find out where you get the most value
Find out where you get the most value

See which press releases perform best and which contacts love telling your stories.

Report on all of your results in just 3 clicks
Report on all of your results in just 3 clicks

Click “create campaign”, “add coverage”, “send” – reporting has never been easier :)

See the whole picture

Any online coverage or offline clippings you record in Prezly will be linked to the story and newsroom covered as well as the author and outlet in your CRM. So you'll be able to see who's covering which of your stories in a flash.


Record articles, clippings, videos, tweets...

Upload your file and fill in the details, or copy the URL of the news article, video review, Instagram post – whatever you want – and let Prezly do the rest.

Online or offline, you can record pretty much any type of coverage with Prezly.


Easy reporting

Why make sharing coverage harder than it should be? Embed your recorded coverage in a campaign to your stakeholders and hit send. No faffing around with attachments required.

Really good-looking emails

Already have a coverage provider?

Great! With Prezly's API, you can integrate your existing coverage provider to automatically pull in any coverage you receive. That way you'll get all the benefits of easy tracking and integration with your CRM, campaigns and newsrooms.

You can also talk to us about the possibility of us building that integration for you :) Here's one we made earlier.


It saves a lot of time. It makes my life easier and the outputs more effective.

Mark Van HammePR Communications Manager @ Eneco & Belga integration user

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I love Prezly. It is easy, practical, and super accessible for stakeholders. It has made my life much easier.

Dominique NellensEstée Lauder
Estée Lauder
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Dominique Nellens

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With Prezly, we can make journalists' jobs easier. They can easily find what they're looking for in one simple package.

Annelies NauwelaertsPR Manager at IKEA
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Annelies Nauwelaerts, Ikea

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