Sharing Stories on social media

Learn how to easily share your stories from within Prezly

Posting to social media from within Prezly is fairly simple, and there are a few ways to go about it. You can also link your Prezly account to the tool to automatically post new stories to social media platforms ▸

Remember, you can change the way your Story appears on social media using your Sharing Settings.

Share your Story from your Newsroom

There are two ways anyone can share a published Story straight from your Newsroom:

  1. Highlight an excerpt in the body copy to get the option to share it as a quote on Twitter or Facebook
  2. Use the sharing buttons and shortlink at the bottom of the Story

Sharing your story from the Stories overview page

Access your Stories tab and click on the "···" menu for the Story you want to share. From here, you can copy that Story's shortlink or share it directly to your top social profiles.