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Site Themes: Adding Character to Your Layout

Site Themes: Adding Character to Your Layout

You can really make your site pop with our beautiful and customizable themes! Themes allow you to professionally showcase your brand by changing up how your content is displayed on your site

In this guide, we will explore:

  • Introduction to site themes
    • Bea
    • Greta
    • Marcel
    • Lena
  • How to customize themes
    • Content options
    • Accent color
    • Header color
    • Typography

Introduction to site themes

A site Theme is simply the layout of your site. A theme will determine how your different stories are showcased on your main page (the site). There are currently four ready-made layouts available, each with its own characteristics. Check them out!

Bea theme

Bea is an updated spin on our classic themes, Bea showcases your content in a beautiful blocked grid pattern and it's perfect for showcasing your brand's story in high-quality images

Bea theme would be a great option for:

  • Art showcases
  • Creative blogs
  • Press kits
  • Portfolios
  • Image galleries

You can check out these examples for more inspiration!

Greta theme

Greta theme features cards displayed in organized rows that can be customized to showcase your content in a way that is consistent with your branding. The cards are more uniform than Staggered, providing a crisp look that beautifully balances images and text. Check out an example of this fantastic theme here.

Or take a look at how Brussels Airlines and Samsung Belgium are using the Grid theme!

Greta theme is great for:

  • Pressrooms
  • Media galleries
  • Multimedia blogs
  • Article showcases

You can check out these examples for more inspiration!

Marcel theme

Marcel is a dark theme designed to make written content look stunning. It's ideal for wordy blogs, changelogs, and documentation

Marcel theme works perfectly for:

  • Wordy Blogs
  • Changelogs
  • Documentation

You can check out this example for more inspiration!

Lena Theme

Lena is a multipurpose site theme with a unique and modern design. This theme allows you to display all your categories on the header, for easy navigation.

Lena theme works perfectly for:

  • Press rooms
  • Help centers
  • Internal news releases
  • Media kits

You can check out these examples for more inspiration!


How to customize themes

These theme layouts are great, but let's play around and make them your own. You can add colors, fonts, logos, customize your card style, and more!

To access the theme options, navigate to the site dashboard and click Themes.

Go to your chosen theme and click Edit theme.

Content Options

First, you have the option to show subtitles and show the date of publication right on the site.

Accent color

Most brands will have a color palette determined by your company's design specifications. Prezly sites can artfully reflect by choosing the accent color that most identifies with your brand/look via hex codes.

Header color

Most brands will have a color palette as determined by your company's design specifications


Changing your font is a great step in allowing your sites to reflect your unique branding. Use your favorite font to jazz up your site's aesthetic.


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