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How can I add an email header image to the top of my campaign?

You can manually add an email header image to campaigns and pitches

To add a header image to your email pitch or campaign you can embed it as an image at the top of your email intro by selecting Add image in the green + menu that appears when starting a new line, like this:


⚠️If you are already using a header in your story and will not be adding anything except the story itself to the campaign email's body, this should not be necessary (and might be redundant)

Please keep in mind that the image will display differently based on the recipient's mail client, so it can be hard to predict how exactly it will look.

You can try to minimize the impact of this by sticking to conventional recommended email header sizes, such as 580 px wide and 100 px high.


If this doesn't work for you or you are looking for a way to set a default header for all your campaigns, reach out and we can explore together if there are any other options :)

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