How to write the best PR email pitch

  • What's the best way to approach a journalist?

  • How do I write a pitch that gets 50%+ opens?

  • How long should my subject line be?

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Spray-and-pray pitching doesn't work for long-term PR – we all know that. Yet it remains the industry norm. Results rarely come, and along the way you hurt your relationships with your contacts, burning bridges that are very hard to restore.

But true value lies in building out mutually beneficial relationships with those people. And you can only do that with time, hard work and strategy. There is no shortcut – but there are some handy guidelines, and there's data :)

This guide is the result of a great deal of knowhow shared by the best PR people we know. We hope you find it useful.


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The world may have gone digital, but PR is still very much about people. I love how refreshingly simple yet on-point Prezly's guide to PR pitching is. Bravo!

Shonali BurkeGrowth Strategist
Shonali Burke

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I love Prezly. It is easy, practical, and super accessible for stakeholders. It has made my life much easier.

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Estée Lauder
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Dominique Nellens

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