Content Management (CMS)

A stunning way to publish news. Easy to use and fully branded.

Create beautiful newsrooms, write and publish news, and build your audience without relying on your IT team. Get set up in a matter of minutes.

Digital newshubs
Digital newsroom
Newsroom, Press HUB or media centre

Set up your newsroom to use as a press center, blog or intranet. Write, collaborate and post your stories. Start building an engaged audience by letting your visitors sign up for future news.

Stories published in Prezly will give your stakeholders an easy way to discover and browse through your content.

Setting up a newsroom takes 5 minutes and can be done without your IT team.

Digital newshubs
Cultures & Languages
Cultures & locales
Prezly speaks your language

Localise your newsroom to over 120 different locales and more than 60 languages.

Speed up your global campaign by starting your story in one culture and work your way through the other languages or cultures. Set up different media contacts for all your active regions.

Cultures & Languages
Brand identity
Consistent communication
Fully branded newsrooms

Configure your branding guidelines directly inside Prezly so that all your emails, social shares and newsrooms are on-brand and consistent.

Newsrooms can be fully customised to fit brand colors, fonts, and spacing without intervention from your design team.

You can even link your company domain name (, to your newsroom for quick recognition.

Brand identity
Categories and search
Publish once, share everywhere
Categories, archive, and search

All your content can be organised by brand and categories. Set up distinct categories for your CEO blog, press releases or investor updates.

Powerful search and 'related stories' features give stakeholders the freedom to discover your content and find the information they need.

Categories and search
Contact Profile
SEO and Social Media friendly
Discovery through Social Media

Allow stakeholders to find and discover your content from search results, your distribution campaigns and social media

Making your news easy to discover will increase engagement and interest for your brand. Encourage stakeholders to share your content on their social media profiles to spread the word

Contact Profile
Contact Profile
Reporting and Google Analytics included
Learn which content works

Get insights into which content is performing and where your visitors are coming from.

Find out which journalists or investors are engaging with your content and what they do in your newsroom.

Contact Profile
Contact Profile
API, JSON and RSS feeds
Integrate in your website or CRM

Use our story widget to list your latest stories on your website or blog.

Looking to integrate your newsroom into your corporate website ? All your content published in your newsroom is accessible through our API.

Contact Profile
Contact Profile
CDN, SLA, handle Peak traffic
Solid track record

You can’t have your critical content hosted on a service you can’t trust. Prezly has a solid track-record.

Every newsroom comes with tons of optimizations like https, content delivery networks and uptime guarantees so you don’t need to worry about downtime or a peak in newsroom visitors.

Your content gets replicated to servers across the world, making sure everything loads blazing fast from whenever the story is accessed.

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How does Prezly work?

Manage all your stakeholders

Nurture and understand relationships using a CRM built for PR professionals.

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Publish your stories

Publish and share your story online through stunning newsrooms.

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Deliver your news

Send your story to media and online influencers via email and social media.

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