Managing Newsroom subscriptions

How newsroom subscriptions are tracked and managed

If your Newsroom has a subscription form enabled, visitors will be able to use it to subscribe to communications from that Newsroom. When people complete this form, they are added to that Newsroom's contact list in your Prezly CRM. This makes it easy to find these contacts and add them to your next email campaign.

Subscribing via your Prezly Newsroom

Visitors can add their email address in the subscribe form. 

Confirming subscriptions (double opt-in)

When a person decides to subscribe via your Prezly Newsroom, we automatically send them an email to ask them to confirm their subscription. This confirmation step (double opt-in) confirms their consent to receiving content from your company.

🚨 Caution: The person subscribing will only be added to your Contacts list after they have confirmed.

Managing your newsroom subscribers 

All subscribers are automatically added to your contact database, but Prezly is not programmed to send all your press releases to your subscribers as soon as they are published – this is something we believe you should have full control over.

If you have a new press release you would like to share with your subscribers, you can easily find them in the Contacts page.

Finding subscribers

Filter all your subscribers by using the "Subscribed" filter on the left sidebar.

Finding subscribers for a specific Newsroom

If you have more than one newsroom, it is very likely that you'll have subscribers for each newsroom. You can use the filter form to search for subscribers for individual newsrooms by adding the "Subscribed To" rule and selecting the newsroom from the dropdown menu.

Deactivating or removing the subscription form

If you wish to display just the footer without the subscribe form in your newsroom, please get in touch with our support team.