Integrating your mailbox

Connect your mailbox to keep track of conversations with your contacts – even if they happened outside of Prezly

🚦This feature is only available under our Premium and Enterprise plans. If you want to know more about those, feel free to get in touch.

By connection your mailbox to Prezly you'll be able to... 

Get a full picture of all conversations your team has with a contact 

By linking your email to Prezly, your email conversations with stakeholders will be logged inside the activity stream of every contact on Prezly – even if the email was sent from your own mailbox rather than through Prezly. 

Avoid accidentally double-pitching a contact

When working in a team, it's hard to keep track of who is speaking to whom. Seeing all interactions on Prezly helps prevent pitching a contact twice. 

Easier follow-up when teammates are on holiday or have left the company

By displaying the full history of conversations your team has with each contact, Prezly makes it easy to follow up with contacts even if the original POC in your team is away.

How to set up a mailbox integration?

Connecting your mailbox 

To connect your mailbox to Prezly, go to your Account Name at the top right corner, and click on the Personal Settings > Mailboxes and Connect Mailbox.


Fill in your email address and click Sign in. Your email client will inform you that Prezly needs permission to access your email. Once confirmed by you, Prezly will start synching your emails.

It can take up to 30 minutes to import and sync your emails. You will receive an email once setup is complete. 

💡Tip: If you're with Gmail, you can use app passwords as a secure way to connect. Here's how to set it up.

Avoid certain conversations being synced 

If there are contacts you don't want your team to see conversations of (e.g. conversations with your colleagues, family, boyfriend, girlfriend..!), you can exclude these contacts from being synched. 

In the Email settings, you'll see a section labelled Hide conversations with contacts. Simply search for the contacts you want to exclude, add them to the list, and your email correspondence with them will not show up in Prezly.


Where can you see your synched emails?

When you access a contact's full profile view, you will see the email conversations in the activity stream. You can also filter by individual emails to see conversations with this contact more easily.



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