Importing Contacts into Prezly

How the Contact Importer works, from start to finish

With Prezly's Contacts feature, you can easily import hundreds (or even thousands) of contacts in one upload by using an Excel or CSV file. When importing your contacts in bulk, you'll want to make sure that you have all your contacts' information in the right places.

On the Contacts page, you can add contacts individually or in bulk by clicking on the dropdown menu.

You can choose to Import an Excel/CSV file or Copy/Paste from a Spreadsheet.

1. Import an Excel/CSV file

In order to make this process even simpler, here's a downloadable template you can fill in and import to Prezly.

👉 Click here to download the Excel Template

To make sure your import runs smoothly, we strongly recommend reading through these tips and checklists for how to prepare your Excel or CSV file →

1.5. Copy & paste alternative

You can also quickly copy and paste your contacts, the column headers, and all their information directly into the importer.

Good to know 💡

While there isn't a real limit to how many rows you can paste, we recommend using a file for larger imports.

Or if you're coming from Outlook, learn how to export your Outlook contacts to Excel with all the information using this tutorial.

2. Check your import

Once you've started the import, you will see a full list of columns and rows like this, where you can make edits if necessary:

3. Resolve any bad info

During the importing process, Prezly will alert you of any conflicts in your import, such as invalid email addresses, incorrect column types or a contact appearing twice in your list.

You can resolve any conflicts in the app before you complete your import:

That's it! Great job 😎

View your import history

When you need to refer back to a previous import, you can see a full history of your imports, and fix or preview them in the Imports tab on the Contacts page.