Tagging your contacts

Using Tags to group or categorize your contacts

Tags help you categorize or separate different groups of contacts. This enables you to easily search for specific groups of contacts within your database.

You can add Tags when you import your contacts or straight through the Contacts area of Prezly. Here's how.

Adding Tags to multiple contacts

Simply search for contacts using the filter on the Contacts page, and check the "Select all" checkbox at the top of the Contacts table. 

Then click on "Apply Tags" to add tags to all your selected contacts. You can create a new tag or use an existing tag from your database.


You can also add Tags to multiple contacts at once when importing contacts.

Adding a Tag to a single contact

On the Contacts page, you can add Tags to a single contact by selecting the checkbox next to a contact's name, and then clicking on "Tag." This will open a pop-up with a full list of all your Tags, where you can select more than one and then click on "Apply Tag."

Step 1


Step 2


💡 Pro Tip: You can also create new Tags in this same pop-up by typing the name of the tag you wish to create in the 🔍Search Tags bar. After typing in the name of your new tag, a new button with the option to create the tag will appear at the bottom.

Adding Tags in a Contact Preview

When you click on a contact, you can access their Contact Preview. Navigate to the Tags section, and add a new or existing tag from there.


Adding a Tag on the Contact Profile page

Just as seen in the preview page, when you access a contact's profile, you'll find a Tags section on the left-hand side. ​ You can also add Tags to your contact, by creating a new one or adding existing Tags from your database.


💡Pro Tip: Save a combination of Tags or filter rules as Segments

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