Segments for creating groups of contacts

How you can group your contacts using Segments for more convenient access

You can search for contacts by using the filter form on the Contacts page. If there are combinations of filters that you use frequently, you can save them as Segments so you don't have to repeat the segmentation process every time.

For example, you might often target bloggers that specialize in architecture. Instead of applying the filters every time, you can save a Segment that combines the media type 'blog' and the tag 'architecture'. 

The good thing about Segments is that they are dynamic, meaning that whenever a new contact is added to your database and that contact fulfills the rules of a Segment, they will be added to that Segment automatically.

How to create a Segment?

By using the filters on the Contacts page, you can search for a specific set of contacts, and then click on the "Create Segment."


💡You can then find the saved Segment in the sidebar on the left sidebar for quick access.

Editing a Segment

Click on the Segment you want to edit in the left sidebar, then add or remove filter rules you would like your contacts to meet. Click on "Update Segment" once you've made changes to the filter rules.


Renaming a Segment

Hover over the Segment on the left sidebar and click on the "•••" button, then on "Rename Segment."


Deleting a Segment

Hover over the Segment on the left sidebar and click on the "•••" button, then on "Delete Segment."


Removing a contact from a Segment

Segments are made based on tags. So if you edit a contact and remove a tag from the contact, the contact should stop being a part of your segment.

(Segments are dynamic, they'll get only contact that correspond to a criteria you set up).

For example: You are sending a campaign to Segment1 and Segment1 is made of Tag1 and Tag2, you should Edit your contact (find the contact you don't want to be a part of a segment and go to 'View full profile' of that particular contact) and remove Tag1 and/or Tag2 from that contact.

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