What happens if I re-import a deleted or existing contact?

How Prezly manages information from deleted and existing contacts

Re-importing deleted contacts

When re-importing a previously deleted contact, the only contact attribute that Prezly will recall when re-importing is their mailing preferences.

Mailing preferences include whether your contact is Unsubscribed from one or more sites, if they are Subscribed, or if their email address has Bounced or was invalid, etc.

Example of Unsubscribed status
Example of Unsubscribed status

What does it mean when contacts are "Unsubscribed"?

While Prezly recalls a deleted contact's mailing preferences, other attributes are lost when deleting a contact. This means that only newly uploaded information will exist for the contact going forward.

Contact details including contact notes, activity, avatar images, and tags, are lost upon deletion. The newly imported contact will only contain these details if they are included in the import file. Otherwise, they will need to be manually added again.

Re-importing existing contacts

Whenever you import contacts that already exist in your contacts database, Prezly will automatically update the existing contacts with the new information entered in your spreadsheet or when you create an individual contact.

If the contact(s) in your file do not have any new data compared to the existing contact data, this contact will not be imported. This means that it will not be counted in the import summary, and you will not be able to filter search for this contact based on the import.

If the import resulted in undesired contact updates, contact support and we can help you restore the previous contact data.

Learn how to update contacts with a re-import

If you have any questions regarding contact uploads, contact us at support@prezly.com or send us a message by clicking the purple circle in the corner!

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