Team settings

How to manage your company account, from billing setup to managing user permissions.

Help: Invite & manage team members
Team settings

Invite & manage team members

Learn how to invite new users & manage user permissions in Prezly
Help: Team permissions
Team settings

Team permissions

Managing your team's access to certain parts of Prezly
Help: Signing up & paying for your Prezly account
Team settings

Signing up & paying for your Prezly account

How to pay for your account and a brief walk-through of our monthly and annual billing options
Help: VAT (number)
Team settings

VAT (number)

The importance of a VAT number if you're based in Europe
Help: Billing notifications & due dates
Team settings

Billing notifications & due dates

What happens to failed payments and unpaid invoices
Help: View your invoices
Team settings

View your invoices

Where you can find your current and previous invoices in Prezly
Help: Cancellation policy
Team settings

Cancellation policy

See how to cancel your account 😢
Help: Switching between Prezly accounts
Team settings

Switching between Prezly accounts

Manage multiple Prezly accounts using one email and password
Help: Can I share my login with my teammates?
Team settings

Can I share my login with my teammates?

Sharing a single user login counts as account sharing and could compromise your security...

Video tutorials

Bitesize video recordings to turn you into a Prezly pro in no time.