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Invite & manage team members

Learn how to invite new users & manage user permissions in Prezly

Invite your team to Prezly and start collaborating on your contacts, stories, campaigns and more. You can also manage the user permissions of each team member to determine what each person can or cannot access in your account –particularly useful when working with multiple clients and external parties.

Managing your team

Invite new team member

Access your team settings from anywhere in Prezly by clicking on your user name in the lower left corner of the page, and selecting Manage team.

Selecting the green Invite team member button on the right will bring up an overlay where you can enter the email of the team member you'd like to invite. If you're on a Premium or Enterprise Plan, you will also be able to define the user permissions at this stage.

Once you click Send invite, an email will be sent to invite your new team member to join your team on Prezly.

⚠️Note: If you can't see the option to send an invite, it means you don't have available user seats. In that case, you can disable a login that is no longer in use or purchase a new user seat. Please contact our support team through the in-app messenger for more information about that.

If your colleague doesn't accept your invitation to use Prezly, he/she will be tagged as inactive in your team settings. You may choose to resend the invitation using the option on the right:

Edit user details

You can update your team settings whenever you like to disable accounts that you no longer require, or if you're on a Premium or Enterprise Plan, to change the permissions for each user.

To do this, click the name of the contact you want to edit. This will open the settings for that particular user.

Disable or re-enable a user

You can also disable users by clicking on the "Disable account" button on the right side of your teammate's profile. Their details will not be deleted and records of any previous activity records will be retained. 

Likewise, to re-enable a teammate, scroll down to "Disabled users" and click on "Re-enable account".


Can I share my login with my teammates?

Sharing a single user login counts as account sharing and could compromise your security...

In simple terms, no. Prezly is intended to be used by one person per user account. If you want to invite additional teammates to join you in Prezly, you can do so through your team settings.

Account sharing can lead to a series of complications, from security issues to incorrect logging within your Prezly account. It's one of the reasons we prohibit it in our Terms of Service.

Learn more about account sharing

We understand that account sharing can make it easier to delegate tasks among teammates, but we strongly advise against sharing your account or password with anyone and we recommend disabling a teammate in order to replace them with another one or adding an extra seat to your Prezly account.



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