Team permissions

Managing your team's access to certain parts of Prezly

⚠️ Note: This feature is only available for Premium or Enterprise plans. If you wish to change your subscription, please contact us via the in-app messenger. 

By default, all team members have access to your full Prezly account, but you can also limit a team member's access to only specific parts of the account. This is a feature available to users subscribed to the Premium plan and above to help them manage their global or multi-level teams.

Prezly has two types of team member permission settings

Member permissions

This allows you to restrict team member access to specific areas in contact management, email and campaign management, and team settings. 

Newsroom access

For those who have more than one newsroom, you can grant or restrict individual team members' access to certain newsrooms. 

Member permissions

Manage contacts

This prevents a user from being able to add, import, export, or update contact details. 

It is important to note that the user can still see your contacts unless you also limit their permission to "Manage emails." Otherwise, through the email campaign function, they'll still be able to select recipients from your contact database when creating a campaign, and will also be able to see the contacts in the email campaign reports – but they will not be able to export the details to Excel. 

Export contacts

This prevents a user from exporting your contacts. They will still be able to add/edit and remove contacts, but simply can't export them to an Excel file.

The "Export" button will be disabled from the contacts section, as well as on the email report section.

Manage emails

This prevents a user from accessing the Email Campaign section, so they cannot create or send campaigns, or have access to the email reports.

If this is used in combination with the "Manage contacts" permission you can completely hide all contact details from this user. Only allowing them to access and edit content for a newsroom.

Manage team members

This prevents a user from being able to configure or manage team permissions, as well as restricts them from adding/removing teammates.

Manage billing

This prevents a user from accessing and changing the billing details. 

Create sender address

This prevents a user from being able to create additional sender addresses for their Prezly account.

Learn more about sender addresses here ▸

Newsroom access

By default, every team member will have access to the newsrooms in your Prezly account.

If you have team members who will not be using Prezly to create press releases and manage newsrooms, then you can select the "No Stories & Newsroom access" option.

Alternatively, if you have several newsrooms and would only like certain team members to only have access to specific newsrooms, you can select the "Limited access [select Newsrooms]" option.

Some examples of how to use permissions

  • As a multi-brand organization, I can give users access to newsrooms of their own brands only;
  • As a global organization, I can give local markets access to their local room only
  • As an organization, I can invite freelancers to my account to help me with specific parts of my workflow: e.g. helping me keep my contact database in Prezly up to date, helping me write and set up stories in Prezly, or helping me set up and style the room.
  • As an agency, I can give my clients access to their newsroom, so they can review and improve draft stories but won't see the other rooms I manage for other clients.

If you have other use cases that you think are missing, feel free to share them with us at

How to set user permissions? 

On your Manage team page, you can set user permissions when you invite a team member or click on the "Edit" button on the row of the user for whom you would like to set user permissions.