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Customizing key SEO settings, managing integrations, and other configuration updates

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SEO settings for stories and sites

Customize key SEO settings to ensure that major search engines can index your sites and stories!

On the new SEO settings page, you can toggle on/off your search engine visibility, connect Google Search Console to help monitor your site's performance, and update your site's meta title and description.

You can also have more control over the text in your stories' meta title and meta description, customizing the text that appears in search engine listings.


Manage integrations in your Site settings

We recently released a new page in your Site settings to manage all your integrations. The Integrations page currently offers the option to connect your Prezly site to your Google Analytics or to Plausible Analytics that powers our built-in analytics dashboard for your site(s) and stories.


A place to manage your Hub sites

Hub sites (previously named Hub rooms) brings together content from your other sites into one single brand hub, giving your visitors an overview of the sites that you manage. This can be an overview of the different branches of your brand or your clients' sites if you're using Prezly as an agency.

Managing your Hub site – adding or removing sites from a hub – can now be done within Site settings, keeping all settings related to your sites in one, easy-to-navigate place.

*Hub sites are available only for Prezly accounts on the Premium and Enterprise plans


Pin a story to your site

Think of this feature as a story sticky note! You can now pin a story to the top of your site so that it always shows as the first story that your audience will see when they visit your site, regardless of when it was published. Learn more →

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