Setting up Google Analytics tracking for your Newsroom

Analyze Newsroom traffic with Google Analytics

1. Get your Google Analytics tracking code 

To set up Google Analytics with Prezly, you need a Google Analytics site ID (the code to track your traffic). Create a GA account if you don't have one yet. 

When asked what you'd like to track, select Website.


When filling in the website name, it's best to use the name of the Newsroom you're going to track. In this example, that's "Graceland". Then, enter the full URL of the Newsroom, e.g. "" and set your timezone:


Then you need to specify your data sharing preferences. This does not impact the way your data is gathered, it is a personal preference. Read through the options and decide on which ones you want to opt out. Then, click Get Tracking ID.

You will land on the below page. The tracking ID is the code we need:


2. Paste your Tracking ID into your Prezly newsroom

To add your Tracking ID in your Newsroom, navigate to your Newsrooms Settings page, click on Analytics & Visibility, and paste your tracking ID in the field indicated in the Google Analytics account section. Click on Save Google Analytics.

Congratulations, you're now ready to start tracking your Newsroom traffic 🎉


Go the extra mile: Page Analytics plugin for Chrome

Once you set up Google Analytics for your Newsroom, you can go a step further and install Page Analytics in your Chrome browser. This plugin allows you to view page analytics right on the page while you are viewing your Newsroom and the different Stories in your browser.

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