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Your site analytics

Get insights into how many people are viewing your stories with data powered by Plausible Analytics

You can see how many people are visiting your stories using Prezly's built-in analytics section on the site's Activity & Visitors page. This is powered by data from Plausible Analytics, an open-source project dedicated to making web analytics more privacy-friendly. That means full GDPR compliance, no personally identifiable information, and no cookies 🍪

You can learn more about the company's ethical stance on web analytics on Plausible's about page. For all the details on how they collect and handle data, please see Plausible's data policy.

⚠️ Please note: We’re still working on this feature, so it is likely to change and may not always be available in all Prezly subscriptions.

How to access your analytics

Each of your Prezly publications has its own analytics, which you can access from your site dashboard and from the Stories and Campaigns pages.

From the site dashboard

Head to Sites and select the site for which you want to view analytics. On the site dashboard, click Activity & visitors:

From Stories or Campaigns listing pages

Hover over the site name in the left sidebar, and in the menu that appears, click Activity & visitors:

On the Activity & visitors page, scroll down to see the visitor analytics.

From the editor for an individual published story

Look in the right sidebar for 'Analytics - view story performance' and click this to view analytics for a specific story or the view story analytics link.

this takes you to a filtered page in site analytics showing just a single story, where you can view traffic, sources, pages, locations and devices.

How far back can I see traffic data?

You will be able to see how many people visited your site from 20 August 2022 onwards.

What if I already have Google Analytics enabled for my site?

That's no problem at all – you'll simply be able to view both your usual Google Analytics and your new analytics area, powered by Plausible.

It's worth mentioning that the data shown within the two tools may differ, as many sites block Google Analytics from tracking visits. Plausible's published research into this phenomenon shows that your actual traffic may be 6% to 26% higher than what Google Analytics shows.

Why Plausible Analytics?

We chose Plausible over other providers, like Google, because of their team's strong ethics and their tool's accessibility. Simply put, you don't need to read a 30-page manual to get to grips with their data. (Plus, we use Plausible for our own site analytics, so we know it's good! :)

See how Plausible compares to Google Analytics

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