Showcase your best work & boost exposure for clients with a PR portfolio

It’s your time to take center stage.

Showcase your best work & boost exposure for clients with a *PR portfolio*
Trusted by brands great & small
Trusted by brands great & small
Trusted by brands great & small
Trusted by brands great & small
Trusted by brands great & small
Trusted by brands great & small

By collecting your star pieces in a hub room, you not only gain a PR portfolio showcasing your finest work – you unlock a new way to pitch your stories.

Attract new clients: A clean, professional, and utterly on-brand digital PR portfolio helps you win new clients and show what your agency stands for.

Showcase your best work: Pick and choose which stories to feature in your hub and easily organize them by brand.

Catch their attention: Throw in dynamic video galleries, audio recordings, tweets, Pinterest posts and more thanks to the multimedia Snowbird Editor.

Reach a wider audience: Help search engines find you by uniting all your clients under a dedicated url – how does sound? 

For the finishing touch, add contact details, link your socials, and craft an About section that tells your story.

Prezly helps M&C Communications stand out in that we are able to offer this technology that showcases our clients, and that is a particularly valuable element that helps our business stand out against the crowd.

Sarah Beatty
Sarah BeattyM&C Comms
Sarah Beatty
PR portfolio examples

How to use hub rooms to boost client exposure and make life easier for your media contacts.

The importance of having a PR portfolio

Why is it important?

A PR portfolio can be used by PR agencies to highlight the type of clients they work with, as well as the sort of storytelling in which they specialize. It is a powerful tool for showcasing your brand and attracting new clients and opportunities.

Think of a PR portfolio as the "show" to your resumé's "tell". By collecting together examples of your best work, a PR portfolio demonstrates your skills and track record to prospective clients, partners and employers.

Simply put, it's the easiest way to show anyone looking what you're all about.

What to include?

Since the job of a PR portfolio is to demonstrate your skills and your area of expertise, what you include in your portfolio must reflect that. Do you specialize in creating irresistible pitches? Or maybe multimedia press releases are more your jam? Whatever your strengths, that's what your PR portfolio should highlight.

That can include blog entries, social media posts, case studies of multimedia campaigns, awards and accolades, as well as former and existing clients who are happy to be named.

Wherever possible, includes details such as the audience you were working with, the aims of your campaign and, of course, the tangible results.

Remember, this is your chance to put your money where your mouth is and show people exactly what you're capable of.

How to create a PR portfolio

When it comes to creating a PR portfolio, you have two main options: manually upload your best content to a site you already own, or use a dedicated portfolio tool (these are normally paid). If you have a Prezly subscription, you can do either.

A basic method is to create a new Prezly site, and duplicate any of your existing stories to feature on it. For Premium subscriptions and above, you also have the option of creating a hub room.

Featured in this PR agency case study video, a hub room allows you to promote any story from your existing sites and newsrooms to a single hub, and feature links to your most impressive clients.

Either way, you can set up unique branding for your PR portfolio and integrate it with your own website, ready to impress anyone looking to partner with you

I love how Prezly has been created by people who really understand the needs of PR professionals. Its features and functionality are just right for our business.

Richard C.Managing Director
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