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Get early access and test-drive new features

Get early access and test-drive new features

Our new Feature Labs page, industry pro tips for keeping your audience engaged, and a Prezly hack ready for you to try!

1 June 2021

✨ Introducing: Feature Labs

When it comes to building new features, it's not uncommon that issues arise here and there, and sometimes they don't turn out as expected, so it's back to the drawing board. These things can take time – re-evaluating features based on the number of requests from our customer base, feature usage, and bugs that happen around the feature.

With Feature Labs, we invite Prezly users who are interested in testing certain features to help us improve them and, ultimately, help us make a decision on their futures... for *beta* or worse. 😉

Feature Labs
Feature Labs

Enable additional features for your team

  • Features here are ready to use but are also still in development.
  • Customers can test-drive the features and share suggestions with us on what to improve, which will ultimately help us decide whether or not certain features become a Prezly staple in the future.
  • Feature Labs is available on the Organizations Settings page.


💡 Customer spotlight

Get PR tips straight from a leading global PR agency

Check out our interview with Bravo Group, as one of their Key Media Relations Specialists sheds some light on how they tackle today's PR challenges and leverage multimedia to keep their audience engaged – all without overloading them with bulky graphics and attachments.


How a global PR agency uses multimedia to keep journalists engaged


🔔 Tip of the week - Featured Story

By default, the latest story you publish will be highlighted at the top of your site.

If you have a particular story that you'd like to feature regardless of your latest releases, a quick way of doing this is to change the publish date of the desired story.


Come out and say it!

We're trying to improve our newsletter, join the conversation.

Made it all the way to the bottom of the newsletter? There should be a reward for that. Until we figure what that should be, tell us what should we focus more on?


For questions or comments, feel free to email us at or start a conversation with us in our in-app chat.

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