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And more: improved image galleries, secure your login with 2FA, weekly round-up email

What's new in Prezly?

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In the Bea theme, you can now make categories stand out more by adding an image to them. One of the places this image will appear is your newsroom navigation menu:

Category images will appear in the "categories" dropdown menu
Category images will appear in the "categories" dropdown menu

You now also have the option to draw more attention to your categories by displaying them as filters beneath the "latest stories" title on your homepage, and as cards in your site footer:

Learn more in our Help Center

Improved image galleries

We shipped some improvements to our image galleries, making it easier to re-arrange your images within a story and in the media gallery of your site.

✅ Drag and drop to re-order images in the editor

✅ Edit captions directly in the editor – once published, captions will now display when a person hovers their cursor over an image

✅ Expand your gallery or show it full width to really make your images shine

More ways of arranging your image gallery
More ways of arranging your image gallery
Learn more about how image galleries work

New: Secure your account by enabling two-factor authentication

You can now secure your account further by enabling 2FA in your personal settings. This allows you to set up a login through an authenticator app.

You can enable 2FA on a user basis or make it mandatory for everyone in your account. We strongly recommend that everyone enables 2FA.

Enable two-factor authentication

New: Weekly round-up email

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted this already! Every Monday from here on out, you'll get a round-up email in your inbox giving you a quick recap of your team activity and engagement analytics from the past week.

We're hoping that getting a quick overview of the past week's activity will help plan your work for the week to come and get those creative wheels spinning.

You'll get an overview like this in your inbox every Monday
You'll get an overview like this in your inbox every Monday

If you shudder at the thought of yet another email stuffing up your already busy inbox, you can disable these updates in your email notification settings or by clicking the link in the footer of one of these Monday updates.

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