Snowbird Editor: Power tips for brand storytellers

Join us for a live walkthrough of the editor's latest features that will take your storytelling to the next level, featuring advice from Prezly's lead designer!


Discover simple tricks that will save you time & make your stories look fabulous

Sharing brand stories that resonate with your audience is key to running a successful business. Making sure that those stories are easy to navigate and have all the best material in all the right places? Yeah, that can take time.

That's where our Snowbird Editor comes in handy. And while you're probably comfortable inserting images and galleries into your Prezly stories, we're willing to bet there's a bunch of game-changing features you never even knew existed. Ready to save heaps of time and create even more jaw-dropping stories?

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Here's what we'll cover during the webinar:

✔ Unique ways to use embeds and formatting ✔ How to create reusable content and story templates ✔ Use cases you might not have known were possible! ✔ Super actionable design and styling tips

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When? Tuesday 8th November at 16:00 CET 🇪🇺 (What time is that for me?)

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